Faithless-Street Dropbox


Again, thank you so much. I owe you starbucks giftcards.


no you don’t. I download so much music I am happy to share it.


and I love making the mixes and hope others like listening to them as much as I do.


Oh, I love your mix! It’s pretty perfect!


you have any of the live stuff? I will drop what’s not on the list you mentioned


I have no live stuff. I suck at stealing music. :smiley:


I may need to rethink Children of Children > Dress Blues. both can make me almost cry but the combination just did the trick. :cry::cry:


Thanks for my invite to join this group, hopefully I can add some great stuff.
I’ve started by adding one of my favourite albums of the last few years, it’s ‘First Light’ by Dan Michaelson.
I think its an absolute beauty and ,hopefully, if you have a listen you will love it too!


This is in the box:





New Sun Kil Moon is in the box.



Is it depressing?



It better be!



judging by the cover it looks uplifting and a real thrill ride!!!


I couldn’t think of anything more depressing than running out of gas on the interstate, in the middle of a snowstorm… then having to walk several miles to a gas station.

But that’s just what I get out of that image.

Maybe Just Kill Me Now would be a good title.


Just a SAMPLER but this is in the box now:



Thanks UV ! you da best , sure you’ll help us out with the 6 CD set :wink: when it surfaces . Ta .


I guess it’s already tomorrow in Japan–my copy doesn’t arrive until tomorrow!


It’s tomorrow! Did you get it???