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I did!!


Yup! It’s in the box :vulcan_salute:t2::metal:t2::+1:t2:

And I deleted the sampler.


YAY! :+1:t2:


Thanks for the long one! I only bought the sampler…


Oh! I thought you were getting the long one…

You’re welcome ~ my pleasure!
And double YAY then now that you have the long one!


I added a new R.E.M. box set. Live at the BBC. Going to start listening right now.


I was just looking at that last night on Amazon! Thanks!


1:30 into the sampler disc and I’m blown away. So happy they released this. And many thanks!


Make sure you see it in there bc I’ve been having Dropbox issues lately.


I see it in there. I’ll give a bit before I d’l just to make sure it’s all uploaded.


I guess I’ll be going through yet another Dylan kick…

These usually take me a few months to work through, but that’s just fine.


@dommodkees, @thebalvenie, @DougoBlue

This is a great show. I have the DVD rip.
This is the show where they had the B-stage for the first time and they played the “unplugged” versions of their songs there. They didn’t add the B-stage until their next tour, though, so this was the only show that had it.
Guests are Sheryl Crow, Bo Diddley & Robert Cray.


Whoopi Goldberg Introduction
Not Fade Away
Tumbling Dice
You Got Me Rocking
Rocks Off*
Sparks Will Fly*
Live With Me* (with Sheryl Crow)
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Beast of Burden*
Dead Flowers*
Sweet Virginia
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)*
It’s All Over Now
Stop Breakin’ Down Blues (with Robert Cray)
Who Do You Love? (with Bo Diddley)
I Go Wild*
Miss You
Honky Tonk Women
Before They Make Me Run*
The Worst
Sympathy for the Devil
Monkey Man*
Street Fighting Man*
Start Me Up
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
Brown Sugar
Jumpin’ Jack Flash

  • denotes previously unreleased performance


50th Anniversary Edition is in the box




thanks uv!


New Jeff Tweedy


I really want to get his new book. I’ve heard it is a good read.

…And he’s Marc Maron’s guest on the WTF podcast today!


Dropping this…

hope y’all like it.


Do you do ebooks? If yes, it’s in the dropbox.


Thanks, Rodknee!


Hello fine people of the dropbox, I’m putting Lucky by Carter Sampson in there. The Queen of Oklahoma, in some weird way very popular in certain circles of the Lowlands. Still, it’s a great record, and a strong contender for one of the top spots in my top ten for this year… You will never catch her without her red boots… and she’s very cool and nice.