Faithless-Street Dropbox


I drove to Oklahoma a few months back. OK City, in fact. I have no reason to go back.


I really like the Ben Larson album in the DB. I usually don’t like anything offered. No offense but the DB lacks variety most of the time.


glad you like him!

he’s my new fave…it’s been on repeat for me since it dropped …also, cannot stop listening to the new GAI

i think it’s slowly becoming my new fave of his


I’ll give the GAI a listen this evening in lieu of melatonin.


i hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:


The GAI isn’t in DB anymore; missed it. Damn.


i’ll put it back there right now for ya.


I was being … You know what? Go ahead. I’ll give it a go.


oh. you mean you were just being nice in a backhanded way?


Come on. You know me by now. I wasn’t being nice.


You can go on the Dropbox website and revive it if you want.



The Delines in the box!


Woo hoo!! TY