Faithless-Street Dropbox


For a change.


I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but I liked the first Varshons so you might be asking the wrong person.
And I liked this:

You can check out the songs on youtube if you want to listen before you DL from the dropbox.
And here’s a review:


Thanks! Will check this out! :heart::lemon:


Already d’l. That was never a question, was just looking for a review!


Ok then, I think it’s just like the first one. :wink:


Hey UV–just found out (duh) Evan Dando was born a couple of towns over from where I live. Small world


When I lived in NJ Evan came and played a solo acoustic show in a bar. There was not a big crowd there and he only played like an hour bc he was sick. I still loved it and he did get a lot of songs in bc his songs are so short.

As soon as it ended we went to the door and he followed right behind me with guitar case in hand. I held the door for him and got to say hi and thanks for the show. It was pretty awesome. 🥰





Excellent!!! Thanks :kissing_heart: