Faithless-Street Dropbox


I believe so.


Had no idea this was coming for RSD! Many thanks.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Just added the new Weyes Blood album Titanic Rising.
It’s well worth a listen.
In places, it’s as if Karen Carpenter had joined Radiohead!!!


Blood On The Tracks Test Pressing. Does anyone know if these versions are on the 6 CD set of More Blood, More Tracks Bootleg Series Volume 14?


Supposedly they are slightly different mixes than what’s on the BS14. The version of Idiot Wind is supposed to be the “spooky organ” version, which is not on there.


Thanks!! I’m going to try to find this then.


I uploaded the Weyes Blood album yesterday, but although it’s showing, it doesn’t seem to have worked.
Is this because the box is full ?
If so, can any files that are no longer needed be removed to make way for new stuff ?


I deleted many things over the weekend. It could just mean that yours is full. The box can hold whatever we put in it but if you’re out of space it could be that.

You can delete the oldest thing though.







I’m new to the ‘Box’ thing. I uploaded

Matthew Sweet- Wicked System Of Things
Elvis Costello & The Imposters- Purse EP
Courtney Barnett-Everybody Here Hates You single

Hopefully, I didn’t fuck it up.


They’re all there. Thanks very much!



Is there like a ‘protocol’ on how long to leave stuff in the Dropbox? Should it be deleted in a few days, a week, etc. ?


Welcome!! Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction.


I do love me some Matthew Sweet. Thank yoU!


No, not really (I don’t think).
I delete what I put in the box after a couple of weeks. I figure that’s enough time for people to get what I put in there. If it’s gone and someone wants it they can always restore the deleted files.
Also, LB will clean out the box periodically if stuff stays in there for too long or the box gets too full.


Yeah I delete stuff after a few weeks usually. If there’s tons in there I’ll delete stuff sooner.

I try not to put flac files in there bc I know a lot of people don’t have as much space. But if it’s something major that everyone wants and there’s nothing out there except flac then I may put them in.

Take anything and everything you want. I download a lot of stuff, as do a few others, and we add stuff all the time.