Faithless-Street Dropbox


If there’s something recent you want you may want to look in the deleted files on the Dropbox website. You can always reactivate it just so you can grab it and then remove it again.

Or just ask me and I can add again.


Thanks for running the dropbox, LB. A treasure trove.


I put The Lemonheads 2019 RSD single in the Dropbox. The Lemonheads - Can’t Forget bw Wild Child RSD 2019 . The A Side) Can’t Forget is off the new album Varshons II. The B Side) Wild Child is a non-album track.


I put Robbie Fulks - 50 Vc. Doberman in the Dropbox. I’ve noticed that some folks have mentioned Robbie or put up some of his songs here. 50 Vc. Doberman might be kind of a rarity as it was a digital only release back in 2009. It was sold directly at Robbie’s site as I seem to recall. It’s 50 fucking songs that he recorded around 2008. There’s a 12 song sampler version still available on Amazon/Itunes/etc. But, I think the 50 song version has been unavailable for quite some time. And it was kind of done without much promotion so a lot of his fans might have missed it. Hell, I discovered it by accident a year or two after it’s release. Anyhow… it’s in the ‘Box’ if anyone is interested. I split it up into 4 discs. The songs are in alphabetical order which is how it was released.


Not sure if there are any Bad Religion fans here. I didn’t even know they had a new album coming out. Nevertheless…their new album The Age Of Unreason is in the Box.


I’ve just added the new Tyler Ramsey album ‘For The Morning’. He’s been the guitarist in Band Of Horses for the last ten years and this is well worth a listen!


just put this in the box:


That does not seem like a good place for a deer to lie down and take a nap.


In Da Box



Love love love this. Thanks!!!


i’m addicted! i love the rich sound and texture…and great lyrics too!


Ok. I’ll put it on cd for the car. Only way I’ll really get to listen.


Just picked it up on my streaming service, released today, really liking it. Feels very honest, and warm. Like a throw back to a more innocent time.


I put Dougo’s Influential tracks vol. 1 in the box.

They are aiff files and quite a bit larger than MP3s.

Maybe I should remove it? Too big of files?


In the box.


In the box!! :slight_smile:


also tonight:


DAMN! Thank you.


Good night for downloading. :v:t2:


In the box.