Faithless-Street Dropbox


Just keeps getting better.


Any interest in Rolling Thunder box MP3 in there? I can put it in but it is a lot of files.


What a wonderful conundrum.


Want to make a new folder? Invite just the few who want it? Or post a link to it here.

I also have that Radiohead ok computer thing but it’s 1.5 gb so I left it out.


I added this morning:
Dylan LeBlanc

Three Steve said he liked:
Chris Forsyth
Daniel Norgen
Spencer Radcliffe

Busy weekend for new music.


also, I burned Dougo’s Influential Tracks on disc so I can listen in the car. It has inspired me to make one of my own. I will work on this and post when complete.
I’d love to hear anyone else’s too!


Great. I hope you like it… I have a volume 2 and three as well if you are interested. Probably best to delete that from the box though if it isn’t gone already. Big files.


Thanks for the Calexico/Iron & Wine!! I didn’t know Iron & Wine had anything new out. I remember an EP from last fall I think.


I’d certainly be interested.


OK, let me see what I can do. I have a free dropbox so it won’t hold much.


Even more reason why you should create one and invite us to it. The more you invite people the more space they give you.

I still have a free one too.


Interesting, I didn’t know that. Sorry to be stupid–can you send me a list of emails to invite? Or how do I get them?


Yeah I have so much space because of how many people invited. I’ll pm you my email


OK, I’ll get this up tomorrow. Relatives in from out of town.


Any one got the new Bill Callahan they can put in the box, much appreciated .


I just put in two Jackie Greene albums: American Myth & Rusty Nails


Jackie is very under appreciated.


Great listening. Thanks all


I put a bunch of John Craigie albums in the box. They’re in chronological order by the year the they were released. And loads of appreciation to Balv who got me turned on to John Craigie late last year. Thanks Balv!! You have impeccable taste in music!!


As do u!!! :slight_smile: