Faithless-Street Dropbox


I put the new Flaming Lips in the box if anyone is interested.


New Bon Iver!
What?!? :innocent:


Thanks so much!




So awesome ! Thank you so much !!!


And…I’m a little bit disappointed. Hey, Ma tracks sound like they could be b-sides to 22, a million.


Jesse Malin - Sunset Kids is in the box.


this album is fuckin goooooooooood! in the box…get it now.


Everyone right of Brandi looks like bitches that tried to kill me at one time or another.


brandi is far left?


That’s not Brandi Carlile on the left?


Damn it. Shut up.


The one second from left doesn’t look high. I’m calling BS.


This is very, very good. Takes a lot for me to download anything from our db.

Why do you people listen to so much depressing caucasian folk music garbage???


Is it because we are depressed caucasian folks?


Is it?


I asked you first.


i stay away from bon iver

he’s good and all but if you’ve heard one caterwauling of album of his…you’ve heard em all


I turned off the new Bon Iver both times I tried to listen to it. I will try again and I hope it gets better but it’s just too fuckin weird so far.


I listened through twice. It doesn’t get better.