Faithless-Street Dropbox


I made a new dropbox for live Grateful Dead and invited everyone I think would want to be in it. The new 77 boxset is uploading right now. I’m 4 songs in first show and it sounds amazing!

Anyone else who wants in please PM me your email address and I will invite you.

Please remember to copy and paste or download so you don’t remove it for everyone else.


Prisoner B-sides???


in there


I grabbed the four from the dead box. Many thanks!


I played the first show all the way through so far. Sounds really incredible


This will be my commute music next week.


Sunday morning, coffee and show #2. Bertha is a perfect opener.
I am so happy right now.
This Boston show was 40 years ago today!

I am already starting a little 2 disc set of highlights for my car. I can share that if anyone is interested but doesn’t want to listen to all 4 shows.


Let us know when you get the highlights in the box.


Yes, I’d be interested in that too. I don’t have the available space to join the Dead box.


Thanks LB! :slight_smile:


You could probably unjoin the group box temporarily to join the dead box and copy it into your computer??


I hadn’t thought of that…

I’ll give it a try.


I had to unjoin all my other groups, and then add the Dead one. But they sit in a list, are are ready to ‘rejoin’ when you get the Dead stuff. I occasionally have to shuffle my folders around to manage space, so I am used to the process.


Can I get back into the dropbox for the Prisoner B-Sides?




these bsides were in alphabetical order before. I just looked up the order they’re supposed to be and renamed them. adding back in…


I couldn’t figure out how to unjoin. The only option I had was to delete the folder and I didn’t want to do that without checking first.


look around on the dropbox website and see your options. I know you can “unjoin” folders without delting them.
So Feel free to unjoin the group box and grab what you want in the GD box. I can always just re-invite you if need be. Or wait for highlife who can probably tell you exactly how to unjoin a folder without deleting it…






Tupelo is my early favorite. :heart: