Faithless-Street Dropbox


I’ve been listening to it on Amazon prime. Dig. But I don’t have the files.


I will get.


Yeah, I’ve joined the dark side. Spotify. Love Big Thief. I have egg to thank for that. Thanks fucker.


This is in the box now.

I also got a few Isbell shows I think he released as soundboards. I haven’t listened to them but I grabbed them all.


Any chance any of them are in Virginia?


Yeah. 08-25-2019 Arrington, VA
It’s in the box.


I have been slacking, but I just loaded up the box with stuff from 2020 so far including the new John Moreland!! And the remaining Isbell soundboards from a few months back!


Wow, I haven’t been in a while and there was lots of stuff. Thanks for the Isbell, and whoever put in the Khruangbin and Soccer Mommy!


I just emptied and added all of that. :+1:t2:


I moved out the Isbell soundboards to make room for all the rest so everyone can get it all.
I started a new box called Isbell sbds for all those, so I can share with whoever wants all of them.

I am starting my Saturday morning with that Bonny Light Horseman album. If you like folk music you should check it out. I read about it with high high praise. it’s a new super group: Bonny Light Horseman, a collaboration of Anais Mitchell with Eric D. Johnson (of the Fruit Bats) and Josh Kaufman (who has performed with and produced and arranged for Josh Ritter and The National, among others.)


New Real Estate and more in the box.


Been checking and haven’t seen the Real Estate. Do we have more than the dot org box?


I really appreciate the nathaniel rateliff album, btw.


I really like that one too. Somehow it reminds me of Harry Nilsson.


Does anyone else see Real Estate?


I do not.


Ok. I’ll try again


please check now for real estate, marcus king, tame impala. those were the last 3 I added.


I see all three in there now–thanks!