Faithless-Street Dropbox


I’ve just added the new Jonathan Wilson album, Dixie Blur.
It’s a beauty!


Take 'em or leave 'em, but I dropped something called Quarantine Sessions. They’re instagram bits and mp3s of the past couple of weeks by someone called Ryan Adams.

Edit: patience, uploading may take some time


double fucking pass


Can u send a blanks and postage so I can burn it???

But in all seriousness
Thanks Kees!!!


I watched snippets of each of the videos. Shell of the man pre scandal.


Tears for Fears Cover was good.
Thanks for these.


The Cars Drive tonight is my new favorite.


someone put the new Laura Marling in the box…


Thanks…someone !!!


box is loaded !


i just bought these…there’s the option to donate for your download…i put in the dropbox, but it might be nice if you all go and donate a buck or two and download yourself???

yarn and blake are just spectacular … :slight_smile:


I’m seriously contemplating doing the $50 & getting the limited edition CD. I can damn well afford it. And I’ve always considered independent music a damn worthy cause.


New Chuck Prophet in the box


New Mark Lanegan in the box.


any good?


I like it. But, I’m biassed where Mark Lanegan is concerned. He has a distinct voice (it’s become raspier over the years) & I think he’s one of most under-appreciated vocalists of the last 35 years.


New Michael McDermott in the box…


The new John Craigie & also the new Sammy Brue albums are in the box.



Sammy Brue is the Reverse Brett Dennen.


new Ray LaMontagne and a better copy of Phoebe Bridgers added today.