Faithless-Street Dropbox


check the box! :slight_smile:


I loaded up the Dropbox. New albums by:
All Them Witches
Angel Olsen
Delta Spirit
Fleet Foxes
Sufjan Stevens.


I don’t see any of those.


Oh no. Does anyone else see them?


Try again please and let me know if they’re in there.


They’re in there now, many thanks.
Looking forward to checking out the Fleet Foxes new one.


Really liking the new Ryan!


I put up discs 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the Neil Young Archives Vol. II set in the box. There’s ten discs in all but there isn’t enough room in the box for all of them. I’ll leave the first four up for a week & then put up discs 5, 6 & 7. I’ll leave them up for a week & then put up discs 8, 9 & 10.


Thanks a lot!


That’s incredible. I don’t have dropbox anymore but that’s really cool.


Would you like an invite back to the Dropbox?

Or would you like me to put in your own Dropbox if you don’t have space for the group box?


I finally got a decent laptop. My old computer couldn’t do anything anymore. I can probably get back in if I can remember my username and pw. I’ll give it shot. If I can’t get back in I’ll let you know. Thanks LB.


Sure, inky.


Thanks. And of course—thanks!


LIVE DRUGS in the box, kids! :slight_smile:


plus: new Jeff Tweedy, summerteeth reissue, new Chris Stapleton.


Didn’t know about the live drugs album, looking forward to it!


Me too :heart_eyes: I love live drugs.


As promised, I took down discs 1,2,3 & 4 of Neil Young Archives Vol. II & put up discs 5,6 & 7. Next week I’ll take them down & put up the last three discs (8,9 & 10).


I put up discs 8, 9 & 10 of Neil Young Archives Vol. II in the box. That’s the last of it.