Faithless-Street Dropbox


Jeff Tweedy - Love Is The King vinyl came with a bonus 7 inch with two songs not on the album. It’s in the box if anyone is interested.


If anyone is interested… The Ryan Adams - Wednesdays bonus tracks “It’s Not That Kind Of Night” & “Sunflowers” are in the box. I actually like these better than anything on Wednesdays.


@LBSUNFLWR Thanks for all the new ups in the box!


Sure, anytime.
It had been a while.


Wud up, bitches? If there are any curious parties, I made some additions to the box. I added Gary Louris’ new one Jump For Joy and Ryan Adams - Big Colors. I’ll try to add the new Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting a little bit later.


The new Crowded House is in the box now.


The Damien Jurado album in there is REALLY GOOD.


New Jade Bird in da box


about time old timer!



We just got tickets to see Damien Jurado in September.


That’s so great! I saw him probably like 15 years ago!


The new Modest Mouse album (The Golden Casket) is in the box.


Last October some kind soul put Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy (Volume 2) in the box. I downloaded it but my PC died of old age & I lost it. I forgot to back up some of the music files that were on it. That was one of them. This is a big favor but could the person that posted that huge file…maybe re-post it? I’ll download it ASAP & delete it as I know it takes a lot of space. Thanks!!


You can probably go back on the Dropbox site and renew the file, or reactivate it.

If that doesn’t work I’m sure I have it, though I did not create it.


Thanks!! I tried to find it using the “show deleted folders” in order to reactivate it but could not find it in any capacity. Perhaps, I’m looking in the wrong place?


Most likely don’t have permission???


Yeah, I’m not sure. Hopefully, someone might re-upload it. But, it’s no big deal if they can’t. I don’t even know who posted it to the box. So Balv, is that Springsteen - Tracks 2 actually happening this year? I really hope so.


god i hope so!!!


Still no luck on that Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy (Volume 2). But, what led me to look for Vol 2 (which I sadly no longer have) is that I finally tracked down the first one. Here’s a link to all who are interested. There’s some good stuff from Jeff Tweedy, My Morning Jacket, Courtney Barnett, Phoebe Bridgers, The Decemberists, Thurston Moore & Josh Ritter."Various+Artists+Working+to+Avert+the+Collapse+of+American+Democracy"


I thought I read somewhere that Springsteen said there was a nice surprise for fans in 2021. So a lot of folks speculated it was Tracks 2. But, I’ve seen nothing to confirm it thus far.