Faithless-Street Dropbox


maybe he was talking about Springsteen on Broadway part 2?


I haven’t looked yet but will get to it. I promise.


Hellacool!! Thanks!!


I found this from earlier in the year. Maybe Tracks 2 is on the horizon?


I have it and will add it back to the dropbox!

But…what’s really funny is I was thinking you were looking for Volume 1. I looked and I only had Volume 2, so I searched online and found a download for Volume 1 here:,–%20Hardware%20Store%206.%20Rostam%20–%20Half-Light%20(Acoustic)

But Volume 2 coming back to the dropbox now!


Thanks a bunch!! I really appreciate it. I found Vol. 1 last week at . I was stoked to find it as I desperately wanted the Jeff Tweedy track. So I got Vol 1 now. It’s Vol 2 I was looking for…again because I lost it the first time around. Is there anything you’re looking for I can possibly help with?"Various+Artists+Working+to+Avert+the+Collapse+of+American+Democracy"


nothing I can think of right now but I’ll let you know! :slight_smile:


Thanks again!! I gotta start prepping my 4th of July London Broil now. BTW, there’s no intended symbolism on my part with cooking a London Broil on Independence Day. We just really enjoy a good London Broil.


I wanted to let you know that I’ve downloaded it. I don’t know if you want to remove it as it’s quite a large file & takes up quite a bit a space. Thanks so much for doing this for me!! I really appreciate it.




Wow, there is a dropbox – how do I earn access?
(Besides posting some love for the recent efforts of a certain train wreck of a singer/songwriter that seems to genuinely piss a lot of people off – hm, perhaps there are wiser strategies for earning the respect and friendship of the members of the board).


you can love ryan without impunity.


Or not, without impunity as well.


on the side…or in your face!


Balvine, it is really your fault that you made me think of this (little semi-legendary nugget of Atlanta hip hop):


If anyone hasn’t downloaded the Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy (Volume 2) that LBSUNFLWR was so kind to re-upload back to the box…I highly recommend doing so. 77 tracks spanning many genres. The Aimee Mann track is a standout for me. Also, Jason Isbell’s live cover of “Fooled Around And Fell In Love” is damn good.


oh shit.

can i still grab it?


It’s still up, Balv.


I love Aimee Mann.


As do I. She’s one of the reasons I wanted that collection so damn badly. I believe all of the songs contributed by the artists are exclusive to that release.