Faithless-Street Dropbox


Oh, and there’s a live The War On Drugs track on there that’s quite fucking stellar as well.


Have you heard the B-Side track from the Smilers album, Lullaby? One of my all-time favorites, that slide guitar is just how I picture cobalt blue as music.


Yeah, I generally buy the physical CD/vinyl for my favorite artists but I bought the three Smilers’ B-sides/bonus tracks individually on Itunes. I’m one of those anal retentive completists when it comes to collecting music & I have to get every song my favorite artists put out.


We should see about getting you an invite to the Dropbox so you can download some of these goodies. You can put stuff up there too if you want. I’m not sure who to ask. LBSUNFLWR? I think?


I got my access last time we were talking! I downloaded the files that got added back. Aimee Mann track got a first listen, but I’ll have to wait on the others… lots of big names!




Is it possible to put the Aimee Mann B sides and such in the box? I only own the LPs/CDs, not the singles.


Done. I put up three b sides/bonus tracks from Smilers & the one from Charmer.

Brother’s Keeper (Bonus Track)
Freeway (acoustic version)
Great Beyond (acoustic version)
Lullaby (B-Side)


I would very much appreciate an invite. I reckon I would have some rare stuff to put in the dropbox.


How do we even know that you’re not actually Ryan Adams?


It’s not my decision. Another member set it up & maintains it. Not to mention, there’s the initiation process before you’re officially granted access. One word…BRUTAL!!



Did you ever get those Galaxy 500 albums? I’ll gladly put them in the box if you’re still interested.


I am not particularly fond of either Hüsker Du, Sonic Youth or Voivoid.


You might have just lost my vote by not being fond of Husker Du & Sonic Youth. You’re going to need to win me back now.


I did give them a listen and you’re right, On Fire is their runaway best album… not even close. I got so annoyed listening to the droning on and on, but still listening to On Fire literally daily. :slight_smile:


Right? Who the fuck doesn’t like Husker Du?



I am from Sweden and during my youth I had to endure all the yearly Swedish Eurovison song contests (as most Swedish kids did back then - there was a dire lack of television entertainment back then) and after that I guess I am prepared for most of the evils of the world that could be thrown at me. (For any non-Europeans, the Eurovision song contest is portrayed in the recent Will Farrell movie).


I reckon integrity beats lip-service in the long run.


I’m just busting balls. That’s not uncommon around here. In fact, a lot of the male members of the board even like busting their own balls. Hence, the high ratio of vasectomies.

I might be incorrect but I think LBSUNFLWR actually runs the Dropbox. Try to run it by LBSUNFLWR to get access. Good luck!!