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I kinda like them but I do not love them. Back then, I was not one of the cool kids and I guess it is one of those bands that you should have grown up with to truly love. However, I did listen to the Smiths since fourth-grade (thanks to a cool uncle who provided us with tapes), and that should count for something. On the other hand, Morrissey really did prove to be a racist bigot so I guess that kind of soils that one …




I’m more interested to know if you have read any John A. Lindqvist novels being from Sweden.

I am way too young to have grown up with Husker Du, despite being middle aged. They called it quits a year after I was born.


Alright, you won me back with The Smiths. I’ll probably be starting with my annual Smiths marathon next week. I have to finish my Billy Bragg marathon first.

I’m likely in the minority here but I think it’s OK to like the work (music/acting/writing) of an individual but not necessarily like the person. In fact, I probably have a laundry list of music I love but borderline hate the individuals who make it.


Yeah, I read the first ones up until the first collection of short stories. He has a new one out that is titled “Godheten” (“The Goodness”) that have earned some rave reviews. If you like his books, you really should check out “Wolf and the Watchman” by Niklas Natt och Dag (yes, that is his real name). It is great:



I do not like Swedish Fish.

I do like The Smiths.

Was it 90 day initiation process for you guys, or 90 posts? I can’t remember. :upside_down_face:


This poem sucks.


His last name literally means “Night and Day” and it is an old noble name. He might have one of the grandest author presentations ever on the cover for the Swedish edition. It reads something like: “His forefathers blugeoned [the king] Enkelbrekt to death, lost the capitol to the Dane Kristian the Tyrant and were forced in exile after demanding the abdication of king Jean Baptiste Bernadotte [who once served as Napoleon’s minister of war]”.
And about the story, the horrendous plot is, of course, pure fiction, but the gritty depiction of the historical context is very accurate (down to the day by day weather) and based on extensive historical background research.


Great! And as a Swede I come from a hardened people, bred on the heinous traditional dish of “surströmming” (“sour herring”):


Ok, this (“Flexible Flyer”) is really, really great. The digging never stops (which is a good thing).


It’s funny that I like The Smiths. I have all of their proper albums, singles compilations & what not. But, I own only one Morrisey album. His first one “Viva Hate” I think. I also have a three disc compilation of Morrisey B -sided that spans the the late 80’s & early 90’s I think. But, for some reason I never found his solo work interesting enough to continue collecting his music. Maybe I should give some of his other albums a try.


Johnny Marr is about the only good thing about the Smiths (controversial opinion),


I was a hardcore fan up til “Vauxhall & I”, but kinda lost him after that – he grew more into a caricature and the further I got into my twenties, I grew more tired of Morrissey fandom in general. Nowadays, if I listen to any of his work, it is The Smiths albums.
That said, my favorite of his solo albums is “Bona Drag”, which is not really a proper album, but a somewhat eclectic singles collection. Nevertheless, that album kind of captures what was the best things about him for me. (Kind of similar with The Smiths, as I probably hold the collections “The World Won’t Listen” or “Louder Than Bombs” the dearest). However, from a more “objective” viewpoint, “Vauxhall & I” should arguably be regarded as Morrissey’s strongest album.


I heard Dave Rawlings argue about that once. Somewhere.


Interesting you bring up bona drag.

Form hello to up yours the Smiths lasted what…4 1/2 years? Pretty remarkable, their rise.


Ah! Nailed it! However, for me personally, that intro has always been rather “meh” – I always thought of it as a cheap way to impress music nerds, particularly in the US.


That makes me wonder why you posted it.


Because I like it the most and someone asked what albums are worth listening to?


So you’re not sure?