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Really enjoying that kneel & Bob.


I added a new mix I made of the Ultimate top Black Crowes album tracks.

Obviously, this is just my opinion, but I did not include anything off their first album, and the bulk of my picks are from Southern Harmony and Amorica.

If you haven’t really listened to their studio albums and wanted to know more, this would be an excellent place to start.

I know they don’t get a lot of love around here, but they are my favorite band. There is no one I would rather see live and no one I have seen more than The Black Crowes.

If you love electric guitar, meaningful lyrics and a front man with soul and a voice that really makes you feel something…check out this mix of my top 13 studio tracks from The Black Crowes!




Appaloosa will be on the Alternates mix, coming soon. :blush:


I’ve put the new John Craigie album, Mermaid Salt, in the box.
It’s well worth a listen or ten!


the whole thing is awesome. i’m loving it. IT’S A BANGER, YO!


Sorry to be stupid, but how do you access the Dropbox


You have to get to know some people and get invited to the Dropbox.


Hey Phil

Tell us about yourself

What are your feelings on whiskey and music?


Sexual favors… .Phil.


Yeah, cause this is a Ryan Adams site after all.


You don’t access the Dropbox…The Dropbox accesses you.


Male, 64, live in Wales. I’ve been a Ryan fan since I saw him in Birmingham on the Sweetheart Rev. tour. Delving into his back catalogue opened the doors to so many more ‘Americana’ music for me. Still love going to gigs and as these band/artists are not so well known over here, we get them in small intimate venues. As for whiskey (the drink), cant stand it.


I hate to tell you this, Phil, but there is no Dropbox.


I’m partial to Southern Comfort, a whiskey of sorts🤔


This isn’t the dropbox you’re looking for.


It’s more like a litterbox than a dropbox, really. Have you noticed all the cat posts/pics around here?


It smells a lot better since saf and I both started using Pretty Litter. :cat2:


Wait, you were that masked man?!?


What?! He’s released another digital album? WTF. I haven’t even listened to Chris (or Big Colors - or Wednesdays - haha). Has anyone listened to “Romeo & Juliet”? This is so weird. Anyone planning on dropping it in the box?