Faithless-Street Dropbox


Thank you, UV. wherever you are!
With Apollo down I am grateful for the Tweedy!!


This might be one for someone’s DB

They played all of Being There and YHF for the encore!




will download it. did you check it out? Wonder how it sounds? I’m too spoiled by soundboards to mess with audience recordings a lot of the time…


It may not be to your standard. It’s and audience recording from inside the sound desk area apparently.

It’s a pretty sweet setlist so thought it might be of interest to someone anyway.


definitely. I wonder if this will get released as a Wilco Roadcase though. perfect sound!


@LBSUNFLWR And it does…


In a dropbox near you today! :slight_smile:


In the box


sweet! thank you!
Dougo just said he was excited for this.


In the box:

This one is the Japanese edition with two bonus tracks:
Holding On (Live)
Pain (Live)


Thank you—both great!


I think I’ve probably grabbed 2 things from the db in 2017.

Come on, people! Hook a bruvah up with some good stuff!


want some old bruce?


want some old Ryan soundboards? :kissing:


No x2



want some Kelly Clarkson?

I don’t have any but will download it for you if that’s what you wanted.


He wants some Kelly Clarkson.


I think she has a Christmas album. :christmas_tree: will grab that for Monkey ASAP!


Cool. He might like the new 5th Harmony too if you see it.