Faithless-Street Dropbox


i listened to big colors and chris once through. wednesdays i listened to twice at work with it on in the background. nothing notable or anything to get worked up about.

i’ll listen to this one too. if i find it i’ll put in box


Thanks, Rod! More out of morbid curiosity for me.


I would say that “When You Cross Over”, “Birmingham”, and “Red and Orange Special” on Wednesdays, “Crooked Shake” on Chris and now “In the Blue of the Night” are as good as anything Ryan wrote in the early 2000s. They are all from the same 2018 sessions at Electric Lady.

Personally, I prefer this kind of output – better to have more or less every song he records and pick out the apples, than to get only a handful, knowing that there are droves of stuff in the vaults (and he was never that good at picking tunes for the albums – better me than him).


Thank you for doing the lords work. You are a dropbox MVP.

Errrrone else, I’m working on getting you something super rare. I just gotta get it into a format.

ETA: They actually put this back up on Spotify… does anyone want this? I have it ripped to a laptop. They changed their band name and genre so for a long time you couldn’t listen to their first two albums. I have that first album too, but its not as good.


What is red and orange special?


It is a song one of the two bonus "7 singles. If you ask me, easily the best track on Wednesdays next to “When you Cross Over” (of course, he left it off the album).

“Like a Heatwave” is another great one that was on track-list for the original 2019 Wednesday. He posted it in semi-shitty quality on Instagram but it will likely be included on one of the other two albums planned for this year. (Ryan has claimed that all the left-overs from the original track-list will be included on these albums).


Don’t ask, just add. :hugs:

If people want they will take. If they don’t want they will leave.

After 3-4 weeks, delete.


This is in the box


This one, also


TY- wanting to listen!


You’ll really enjoy it.
You can tell they’re really having a great time playing. But then, they always do, don’t they? :grin:


Had to at least try to redeem myself in your eyes for contributing to making my seven-year daughter wanna marry Ry-Ry.

This is not the old Gothenburg 1993 bootleg that has been floating around, but an official mastered release (only available on streaming services and it took some effort to find it). The sound quality is excellent.