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How about some…

Not listening to Monk anymore? :musical_keyboard:


Inky and LB…

Go Fuck yourselves.


Thanks for the offer but I have someone for that already.

Unless you start getting into rap, I’ve got nothing… You were right about the Queens new album though.


yeah, I have someone for that already!

I’ve got all the slow, sad, singer-songwriter music you love so much. a shit ton of Grateful Dead, Black Crowes and CRB soundboards to go with it.

My boyfriend likes some of that smart and clever rap if you want it. I don’t put it in our group box, I could though…


monkey i have it on good authority that lb will hook you up w/ some phish and widespread panic

just ask!


I don’t have the phish but I know where to get it. :slight_smile:


I bet Monkey would love some JGB. It’s like the Grateful Dead, but distilled down to its pure Jerry Garcia core.


Monkey, have you given Kendrick a chance? Jesus?




We are finally winning!
Really liking this stuff.

You could do worse, Monkey.



This is in the box for you, inky ~
And Monkey, too!
And of course, everybody else.

Townes van Zandt
Great American Hall, San Francisco, CA USA
Feb 16, 1995

01 Introduction
02 Two Girls
03 talk
04 Snowin’ On Raton
05 The Hole
06 talk
07 Pancho and Lefty
08 talk
09 Katie Belle Blue
10 talk
11 Marie

12 talk
13 Short-haired Woman Blues
14 Guitar tuning with Michael James
15 You Win Again
16 More guitar tuning with Michael James
17 Loretta
18 talk
19 The Ballad of Ira Hayes
20 A Song For
21 talk
22 To Live Is To Fly
23 If I Needed You
24 talk
25 Buckskin Stallion Blues


Oh baby!!! Thanks UV!! :heart_eyes:


I’m good, thanks.


I left all my TVZ stuff in Hawaii so I can’t check to see if I already own this one or if it’s an upgrade or whatever.

You probably own this one already but it sounded pretty good so
I’m hoping that you don’t have it. :grinning:


Thanks for the TVZ! and the Julien Baker and the new Dead!

Have a long drive tomorrow and am glad for some new stuff to listen to.


@inky & @highlife & @thebalvenie
and all the other TVZ fans here ~

Another TVZ in the box. This one is supposed to be an upgrade. Text file is in the folder and it explains the whole deal.

Townes van Zandt
Klub Negativ
Frankfurt, Germany

7th November 1994
Set One [47:57]

  1. Blaze’s Blues
  2. Two Girls
  3. Dollar Bill Blues
  4. Buckskin Stallion Blues
  5. Pancho And Lefty
  6. Marie
  7. Nothin’
  8. Still Looking For You
  9. Joke
  10. Short Haired Woman Blues
  11. Katie Belle Blue
  12. Lungs
  13. To Live Is To Fly

Set Two [01:08:38]

  1. Second set intro
  2. Flyin’ Shoes
  3. No Place To Fall
  4. The Hole
  5. For The Sake Of The Song
  6. Kathleen
  7. Rake
  8. Lost Highway
  9. Gone Too Long
  10. BW Railroad Blues
  11. Waiting Around To Die
  12. Loretta
  13. You Are Not Needed Now
  14. Highway Kind
  15. Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
  16. The Catfish Song
  17. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
  18. Tecumseh Valley
  19. Snowin’ On Raton


Thanks UV, love me some live Townes .


This is in the box:
NPR Dylan sampler


Holy Rolling Thunder Review?


Thanks UV, I’ve got the Big She Bang coming but will be good to have this to listen to at work !!