Faithless-Street Dropbox


I remember this!

So cool
Thanks dougo


I’m missing a track or two on that, they somehow went missing.


The new Calexico is in the box.
It’s the deluxe edition with bonus tracks.



I just grabbed that thanks!


Just added this to the box.



Thank you for the new Brandi Carlile album; it’s pretty fucking good. :smiley:


I have to give it a listen!! If you like it then that’s really saying something. :heart_decoration:


I’ve listened to it twice through now. This is her best work since Bear Creek. IMHO, may be her best album ever.


Reminds me of later days Cash and early Townes Van Zandt.


Hoping to listen to this in the morning with coffee. :peace_symbol:
in the box!


Heard some on the GD channel–pretty spunky stuff! Thanks.


The two songs I’ve heard off it are great. I’ll check this album out for sure.


SZA- Ctrl in the dropbox if anyone is interested.


Thanks to whoever add The Breeders album.


:+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face: how is it? I haven’t played it yet.


It’s definitely The Breeders. It’s excellent.


If anyone has the new Jack White it would be mucho appreciado if they dropped it. :slight_smile:


Mimicking Birds–thanks for the add!


I added Jack White - Boarding House Reach.