Faithless Street March Madness Tourney Pick'em


Dem Grizz goin’ down.

And why do we have to play you guys every year?


I hope we at least make it through Round 1.


the griz are definitely going down but i’d love an upset. the only two griz sports i support are both the men and ladies bball and the ladies softball. i love to go to games and watch em.


Interesting matchup that Richard Pitino’s Gophers will be playing his paw’s old team.


I can’t handle any more commitments right now.


Will mailed honey be involved? :honeybee:


Got us another team!


I’m watching at my office. Taking lunch now. Let’s go Cards!!! :basketball::heart:


:broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:




I know. I’m sad. :slightly_frowning_face:


Also I’m out of the competition


Tied for 2nd at end of first day!

Though my team got eliminated in first round so there’s no way I can win.


Damn. UNC out. Brackets busted everywhere.


I had them winning the whole thing, pretty stunned the way they lost more than anything.


I went from 193rd out of 17 million brackets to like last place.

Sorry for not filling out one here. Next year let’s do one using venmo.


There was a game earlier in the season where louisville killed UNC. Similar kind of stunner. Like they couldn’t get anything right and were just dominated. As a Louisville fan it was fun.

But my brother is a lifelong UNC fan, so my nephew is a huge fan and they were both crushed.

I’m in a big tournament at my brother’s office with 219 people. I’d say 100 are out now, including me!!


So sweet to see UK go down.
Then extra sweet to see Duke go down!!

Auburn beat UNC and UK. They’re gonna be hard to beat I think!!


Texas Tech or Michigan State look like the teams I would think have the best chance to win.


I’ll be very happy with any of the three teams besides Virginia!! I hate Virginia.