I fell walking down our stairs to the basement a couple days ago. our steps are wood - bull nose edged - and I slipped off the edge of the steps. My feet went way up and I fell down with the middle of my back landing across one of the steps.

I figured I was either dead or paralyzed, but after a couple minutes of laying on the steps wailing I got up and have been relatively fine.

Today it hurts more than it has the last few days - probably because the last couple days I have self medicated with alcohol. Maybe today is a more accurate reading of my pain level.


About eight or ten years ago I slipped while standing on a skateboard in a barn on a cement floor. I went flying and landed on the small of my back on the concrete… but somehow came out of it unscathed.

I really should devise a plan where stupidity takes a back seat in my life.


damn dougo!

you should get checked out at least.


I tripped over 3rd base playing softball this summer. Got up and dusted myself off. I heard somebody say “go home” so I scooted and crossed home safely. It’s quite a story. Needless to say, we lost.


My wife is a nurse and she was right there. She was worried that I had hit my head, but I guess I didn’t.

It hurts a bit more today, I may not bowl tonight.


I was just going to agree with balv but I see that your wife if a nurse. Still, I hope there isn’t anything internal going on. I’m glad you’re okay but damn! I’m so afraid of slipping and falling like that. It could change everything.


I was really lucky.

Had ahold of the handrail with one hand and it might have broken my fall a bit… or kept me from whacking my fool head.


Years of waitressing and a few falls on wet floors have left my back damaged. About ten years ago I went bowling and it really fucked me up. I would not go bowling with back pain!!!

I regularly see a chiropractor and it helps a lot. Might be a good idea for you right now too.

Hope you feel better.



I appreciate your concern.


They have medical marijuana in Michigan. Get some of that.


Feel better and heal well dougo!!


I did bowl last night and had one of my best nights of the year.

190, 225, 198 for a 613 series.

All that cheap Pabst Blue Ribbon helped to ease my pain.

Fuckin’ A, the Dude abides and resides.


You should start jump roping. That shit keeps you nimble and cat like.

I heard that two major factors in falls in older people (not calling you old) are foot speed and leg strength.

Foot speed is what you need to correct/catch yourself and strength helps you redistribute the weight and rebalance.

I realize after typing this response that I’m setting up fall Karma for myself.


i try to tell everyone i know they need to jump rope

jumping rope for six minutes straight is equivalent to running a mile


I’m going to start jumping rope. A while back I was on the dance floor and got so low I almost didn’t get up again. That was a tense few seconds.


Limbo, limbo rock!


I am old.

Turning 60 in less than two weeks.

Thank god I didn’t land on my low-hanging testicles.


The struggle is real.


I need to know what kind of music was playing.

I hope it wasn’t trap.


It was a funky soul band. Al Green, James Brown.
I had to look up “trap”. I can get down to that. Might not be able to get up again though.