I see it happening in slow-mo with the theme song to Chariots of Fire playing…


I fell several months back. Took a very expensive painting down with me. Luckily, only the picture frame was damaged but it was vintage porcelain so I spent the money to send it off to get repaired. Anyways, I thought that I had merely jammed a finger in the fall. I let it go but the finger was wonky so I went to the doctor last month. I had broken my hand in six places. It’s still jacked and now the nail kind of grows sideways and is painful. Anyhooker…what was I talking about?



I can see Monkey doing Tai Chi for balance and bone density.

Allegedly it’s drastically cut down on hospital visits for the elderly in China.


damn man! that is awful


Ouch!! That’s why you go to the doctor!
Did you get a cast?


My hands are really important to me. Can’t imagine breaking one of them. Hope you are able to heal properly and regain a full range of motion.


By the time I went to the doctor…because I’m stoopid…had finally had enough, it was over 40 days later. There wasn’t much they could do but send me to medical supply for a compression glove. I used that for about 10 days off and on because it really fucking hurt. I feel about 30% (as opposed to whatever 100% felt like before). I can’t make a fist and I feel the weirdness in my hand when I try to hold or grip anything. It’s coming back very slowly. I’m not complaining. I was just really surprised at the damage that was done from landing on the tips of my fingers.


Best to keep on top of that situation. Injuries left untreated could eventually lead to intensified arthritic pain later on in that area… if you are susceptible to that sort of thing.


That is a concern of mine with my back, since my mom has a lot of arthritic pain in her back.


did the cost of the painting cause you to delay seeking treatment?

if so, you might be ruining my image of you as a baller.


No. I’m just stubborn in areas. :fu: :slight_smile:


Months ago and we’re just finding out now?!? I thought we were closer.

For reals I hope you heal up okay. I caught my hand in a printing press years ago plus I have arthritis anyway so my index finger on my right hand is wonky. I kept it in a splint too long and was afraid to bend it. My sadistic friend bent it for me and scolded me into rehabbing it back.


If Cannonball were here he’d say you’ve been posting with one hand for a long time, so that’s why none of us noticed this in your posts and/or their frequency.


As I get older and slightly wiser I am looking more inward. I don’t have to tell people about all the things that happen to me. :slight_smile: You all should appreciate that; especially those of you who have known me for a while.


That all fine and well but at least we would have ragged on you early enough in to get you to doctor quicker. That’s what friends do. Even e-friends. :heart:


It wouldn’t have worked. If I don’t die in an accident or by my own hand it will be sudden because I refuse to see the doctor. They’ll say, “I don’t know what the fuck happened. He should have seen a doctor.”.


I have a few other friends that share that same strategy… I worry that they may not be around as long as many of us would like.

I don’t believe it to be an admirable trait.


Seems like a latent death/suicide wish.

You have a kid, fucko. Get yourself sorted. At least get a will.

I didn’t intend this to have a cruel tone.