Favorite Albums of 2020


Yeah I was joking. Or lying, whichever.


We’ve got Panda Dynasty here, and no.


What did u post and then delete?


A picture of a restaurant in my too small home town with Panda in the name. I forget sometimes that this place is just out for anyone to see what we’re posting.


I wondered about posting this photo as well. I remember when it was a gas station… not that there’s anything wrong with that.


I have a hard time supporting anything Panda. Any animal that needs to be shown porn (panda porn) to encourage them to fuck is not getting my money.


I have similar feelings about the gigantic garbage birds that are bald eagles. Ben Franklin was right, the turkey is more fitting as the bird of our nation.



god i love watching bald eagles fly. and i love floating down the river and watching them perch and screech and chirp. and then take flight and swoosh down upon the water and snag and snarl a gigantic trout!!!


in fact, we have a rule on my raft in the summer…we have to pound a beer when we see a bald eagle. so i like em cause they are cause for pounding a beer. and no i’m not more redknecker than you.


Any animal that has the audacity to not evolve out of killing its own siblings when it’s this close to extinction is too stupid to go on. Actually, I take back what I said. Bald Eagles are very American in their preoccupation with the good of the individual above all other things. I can’t believe it doesn’t make you nervous sitting under a nest the size of a dog pool. It’s like we’re not the even the same person any more…


I love Eagles.

Henley seems like a bit of a dick though.


Bald Eagles summer tour 2021 has a nice ring to it!




i’m not a bird guy. birds kind of freak me out w/ their black soulless eyes.

i grew up around birds of prey as my father was a falconer. so we spent a lot of time in aviaries grabbing chicks out of nests with falcons and hawks swooping down on us. this was all legal and he had his permits and license for falconry and all that