Fuck Cancer


so i was hoping to see a post from nick tonight after his wife’s appointment today. nicholas, if you are out there, give us an update if/when you can. still shooting positive cosmic vibes your way.

generally speaking, the vibes are usually fired from my butt hole, but don’t get caught up on the details.

hope you got some good news today. cheers.

oh, and fuck cancer.


I know you don’t believe in stupid religious shit but it’s weird how we exist so there might be more to this. It was a flawed system that made us and this meat suits can malfunction and are made to expire. These beautiful moments we build with those we love are beamed into the eternity of the akashic so build them well


no when i say i’m not religious or i don’t, personally, partake in the “praying to jesus for you!” stuff, i really mean i’m not into the organized religion (i.e. rules) and christianity per se. this is to say that i do not think there is man with a white beard above us named “God” or “Jesus” and that he’s moving us around like chess pieces down here.

however, i consider myself very spiritual and thus religious. so what you say there makes perfect sense to me. even the raw, yet not-yet-understandable, science out there is congruous with spiritualism and some sort of power (for lack of a better word) out there. there are mathmeticians out there who have come up with theorems that support the odds that there is a higher power out there that we are not yet conscious to. if you even look at the law of inertia it you must conclude that SOMETHING caused the big bang to happen.

anyhow, i do think that we are all somehow connected in the universe, so your observation there makes a lot of sense. it’s beauty.


Well, the appointment went well. The oncologist is super nice. He actually started to cry during the appointment and then apologized.

We don’t know much more because we are still waiting on pathology to get back to us. We have a PET scan set for Monday and then we are driving to Indianapolis to meet with a GYN oncologist on Tuesday. We are being aggressive.

Thanks for checking on us, C-ball!


Good to hear


well this sounds like news that it is as good as you could have hoped for in your first appointment with the oncologist. i’m really glad to hear you’re off to a good start. and i’m sure doing additional tests is step one of the process, but if it was a scenario that looked pretty dire there is no doubt the doctor would have also started treatment immediately… as in, the next 24 hours. so the fact that the oncologist basically said ‘Let’s sit tight while we wait for more test results…’ is a good thing.

i’m also glad to hear your with a doctor that actually shed a tear during your consult. that’s pretty much unheard of these days from my experience. a lot of oncologists perceive patients as “units” on their conveyor belt, this doctor clearly cares if he or she cried. bedside manner is very underrated.

well keep us informed. and cheers for the relatively good news today. hope you and the wife celebrate this small victory. good luck.


Just know that we are thinking of you and want the best outcome possible.

Having compassionate and caring doctors on your side is a good thing too.


Thanks, everyone!

The hardest part right now is how much discomfort and pain she’s in. Like she is really getting uncomfortable.

Also, everything is carrying a heavy weight with it. Example: we were out of town for a hockey tournament this past weekend. My six year old woke up sick and he just wanted his mom. This isn’t anything new… But due to the situation, my wife worried about him not having his mom in the future. I get it and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the same. It sucks that those little things are going to be there for the time being.

Right now we are trying to game plan how to tell the kids and not break down.


Fuck nick
I’m so sorry this is happening
You two are amazing people and parents

One bite at a time and hoping for the best


This has been a long day. We met with a specialist.

To keep it short…

My wife requires a pretty major surgery to “debulk” her. This will also require a full hysterectomy. They will remove anything that might be effected. We don’t know what all that is yet. The surgery will have two surgeons. One is a GYN oncologist, the other will be a general oncologist. We are looking at a 5-10 day hospital stay. It’ll take 4 weeks before she can consider chemotherapy.


But this sounds like the end result will be positive. No prayers but you’re in my thoughts.


Mine too.


Hope for a fast and lasting recovery to your wife. Etheral hug, prayer, and good mojo to you both.


Thinking about you guys, Nick

I’m sure you’ve got a great team of doctors.

Hunker down and fight this thing with all you got.


Thanks for keeping us posted nick
Youre a strong man and your wife is lucky to have u
Thoughts and prayers
Cause I do pray for everyone




Thanks for the update, nick. I was scared to open this thread. Even though we don’t really know each other, this is weighing on me and probably most of us. I love seeing a solid plan that looks hopeful. I’m gonna keep wishing the best for your family.


I wish only good things for you all. I too send positive thoughts. As they say, one foot in front of the other. You guys can do this!


Surgery is Tuesday in Indianapolis.


Ok, well that’s good news, hoping for a successful surgery nick, love and hugs xo