Fuck Cancer


how’d it go @IKEAMonkey



Well, I don’t have anything to compare it to, but the guy doing the procedure said it was going great (they use a local, so I was awake for the whole thing). They seem very concerned with post-procedure infection, but I haven’t noticed anything so I think I am in the clear for that. Hospital is only a 20 minute subway ride so it helped to not be in a strange city or having to travel. Overall feeling very good. Had to skip our Sunday softball games, but I am back this week. Cheers.


good to hear ghar.


Well, got my results and they are not good. I heard the doctor say “aggressive and advanced” and then I kind of forgot what else he said. My next appointment is with a radiation technician to decide on a treatment plan. The doctor said treatment will be aggressive, so it looks like I am in for a bumpy ride. On the positive side, my general health is very good and this will allow for aggressive treatment. Also the hospital (Princess Margaret) is a short subway ride away, so I will be on my home turf for treatments. Not much to do now except take care of myself. Still can’t make the connection between how I feel physically and what they are telling me. Surreal is the word, I think. My emotions are all over the map - started with shock, sadness but now I am felling strangely good. Maybe that’s what happens. Who the fuck knows.


So sorry you are going through this, but you know we are a pretty good support group here.
Please keep us posted on any updates with your treatments and how you feel.


God damn it. You can beat this. I’ve seen it happen. Love to you Ghar. Please keep us posted.


Fuck Gregory
So sorry man


You can do it, Greg.

Attitude is important and it sounds like your spirit remains strong.

We are here for you. Feel free to share anything you want or need to, we can take it…

And so can you.


You’ve got this, Ghar.

Think of all toughness you developed because of the abuse you’ve taken over the years on the old .org board.

That stupid cancer has got no idea what it’s up against.

Kick its ass.


Yeah, kick it’s ass.
And please keep us posted and vent here anytime.


Thinking of you man.


Damn, Greg! I am so sorry you are having to deal with so much. Hang in there and fight.

It’s so unfair.


Ghar-Ghar, you’ve been riding your bike to work for 50 years. I’m sure that, aside from a few polyps, you are the picture of health and you’ve got this.


Had my consultation this week and the plan is treat it with a combination of hormone treatments and a month (maybe more) of daily radiation sessions. They assured me the radiation sessions are not too hard on a person so that’s a good thing. The hormone treatments are injections every 3 months (possibly for 2 years) that reduce your testosterone to pretty much zero. There will be some fatigue from that, plus loss of muscle mass and some bone density. They told me to try to keep doing some exercise after the treatments start and to eat good. Oh yeah - this should be good for some jokes (I won’t be offended) - this will more or less be the equivalent of female menopause. There will be hot flashes. And probably some crying for no reason. Anyway, the doctors seem confident this will work and, like I said, this is one of the best cancer hospitals anywhere so I’m feeling optimistic. And my friends set up a GoFundMe page to help me out (I’m not working right now) which (for once) left me speechless. Other than “thanks” I don’t know what to say to them. I’d probably start bawling. OH yeah - almost forgot - if I had known Willie Cash would return, I would have caught cancer sooner.


Thanks for the update. Sounds like you have a solid plan. You should post that go fund me link here.


You still got it! (Humor)


Good luck, Gharland! I am glad you have a plan. More importantly, I am happy to hear that you are optimistic. Regardless of how things went with my wife, her optimism really helped a lot of others, including me, throughout her battle. Honestly, it still gets me through some days.

Hang in there, buddy. If you need anything, just message me. Also, message me your GoFundMe page if you don’t feel like posting it here.


Can u share your go fund me here?

Hang in ghar!



Thank you!