Fuck Cancer


Today is my wife’s birthday. It’s been a rough day


I’m so sorry, man.


Thinking of you and your family, Nick.


Me too :heart:


Love and hugs to you your kids nick.

Was there a favorite recipe she liked to make?
Cookies? Meal?

Was there something special she liked to do?

Make something and do something in her honor

You probably already are but wanted put that out there

Love u


Hope you are OK Nick. Hard to imagine what you are going through. Nothing but drugs for me now, until February when there will be radiation treatment. It isn’t as invasive as chemo, so they can do it 5 days a week - probably for a couple of months. Not much else to report. Feeling good, staying in good spirits. Went to see Jesse Malin about a week ago.


Thanks for the update. Glad you’re feeling okay.


The birthday was rough. The kids bought her presents to put by the urn. We had a cake. It was so surreal. The kids were just happy to be celebrating their mom’s birthday. I was very emotional.


Kids are incredibly resilient. They also offer such a pure perspective. Love to you and the kids, nick.