Fuck Cancer


Sorry to hear about your dad Nick. I’m not sure about the situation where you live, but I am not allowed to have anyone with me when I visit the hospital. Most days that is fine, but once in a while I wish I could meet a friend or family member after treatment for a coffee or lunch or even a beer. That was basically the plan a month ago. Hope your dad has a lot of support. I know a (very) little how you feel. The last 2 years have been an utter train wreck (had a condition called Bell’s Palsy, 2 friends passed, lost my job…) I went through a time where I didn’t want to get up in the morning, didn’t want to answer the phone or even look at email. I assumed there would be bad news, or I would trip heading to the bathroom and dislocate my hip. I was heading for 100% positivity until this fucking virus showed up. I am still close I think. I don’t really believe in a grand scheme, but I do believe that things will be just as brilliant soon, where they were dark before. I’m pretty sure about that.


Yeah, it’s sad. No one can go to my dad’s appointments or even go in if he needs to do in-office chemo. I have another friend who just found out her dad has bone marrow cancer. He couldn’t get rid of a cold. It just persisted. They did a CT scan and found pneumonia. After additional testing they found out his red blood cell count was really low and then determined it was cancer. He was taken immediately by ambulance to IU med center three hours away. It’s been over two weeks and his family hasn’t been able to visit him. He’s been given three options for treatment, with the third one being hospice. The most aggressive, yet only chance of beating the cancer, option could possibly kill him. They are weighing all of this with the thought that there is a very real chance he could die alone.

Not that there is ever a really a good time, but it’s a really shitty time to die. I have had an aunt and two great family friends die over the past few weeks. None of them had actual funerals. I imagine that in a few months time, they will find that the lack of a proper funeral has stymied their healing.


One year today.





my nephew turned 18 yesterday…my brother would have been so proud of him…he was proud of him…but to see him get to that age…means a lot.


My heart goes out to all the single parents out there in these “times of uncertainty”.

(((((Much love Nick and Balv’s family)))))


Happy May Day y’all! 8 treatments to go. Generally feeling much better overall these days. May 13 = Christmas for me.


So, they have a tradition at Princess Margaret Hospital that you unleash your inner Marc Bolan after your last radiation and bang a gong (there’s a video. Couldn’t figure out how to upload it) Anyhow, that is over with. The doctors can’t say 100% that the cancer cells are dead, but one of them said “well we shot a lot of radiation into you so it should work”. I have a follow-up appointment next month and bloodwork that will tell us more. I’m feeling OK overall. Still pretty tired. They told me that I will begin feeling better over the next 2 weeks as the radiation wears off. Right now I am just taking it easy - I am exhausted physically and mentally and, of course, I still can’t get together with family and friends.


Congratulations. And you look like Jim Gaffigan with the mask on.


Keep the faith and the fight, and congrats ghar.


Carl Palmer couldn’t of played that gong any better. Congrats Ghar!


Get it on, Gharland!! Woo!!!


Congrats, man!!!


Love hearing good news!!! Happy for you.


Seriously, Gharland…I’m so happy for you I could cry. Again, congrats!


CONGRATS, GHAR! So glad to hear this!


Latest news - still good. Had bloodwork and a follow-up appointment with the oncologist and everything is proceeding as expected. I had low levels of red and white blood cells and hemoglobin as a result of the radiation, but that will come back. Working about 25 hours a week at one of our government-run liquor stores. Everything looks good. Cheers!


Great job!

Always great to hear you are doing well.


Very happy to hear! :+1:t2:


Awesome! Congrats!