Fuck Cancer


Oh man, I am sorry guys. So much going on. I had another appointment in October and everything is still great. I’m working full time now and feeling pretty good. I think I got this. Happy New Year everyone.


Excellent! Happy New Year. :peace_symbol:


I’m coming over.


Great job, Ghar!


Hey gang - sorry again for the lack of updates. It is getting kind of routine now. Had an appointment last month and all is good. Still getting the hormone treatments, but I feel great. Started cycling to work last week.


what are you doing for “work” these days?


So no news is good news. Sweet. :heart:




Liquor store. They are run by the government here and we are unionized so they are safe places. It gets busy at times but it is a fairly fun place to work and learn a lot about liquor (we have to take on-line courses). I never worked retail before, so I am liking this.


Nice ghar
Glad to hear it!!


I had friends in college that worked in a liquor store. They threw great parties!