Fuck Cancer


wow that’s a big surgery. i bet you’re both pretty damn overwhelmed. glass half-full, at least the malignancies are operable and they can get at everything. sounds like a long procedure and recovery, but hopefully they can get everything out of her for good. i can’t imagine how much stress you’re under yourself right now. throughout this journey make sure you find time to take care of yourself too. if you over-exhaust yourself trying to be Super Husband/Dad, you’ll burn yourself out and won’t be any help to your wife or kids.

like rod said, just take one bite at a time. you got this. good luck friend.


Thank you, everyone! Cannonball, it is exhausting and I’m probably drinking too much at night. Kate is tough, though.


All the best for Tuesday, I’ll be thinking of you all.


Thank you!


Upside is you don’t need a vasectomy, now?

I wish you and your family all good things, Nick.


I think he already got one?


Upside is nobody else can get your wife pregnant now?


Pretty sure he has said he did.

Why do I know this information? :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, I already got the snip snip


When you bust a nut, does it just kind of go ‘pffffflllfttt’ like an freshly empty water pistol?


no, it kinda whistles.




Pathology from Mayo came back. It’s definitely not gynecological. It’s something GI related. As of now, the plan is still to go through with surgery on Tuesday.

Honestly, I’m freaking out a bit. The type Kate has isn’t all the rare, but no one thus far has seen it manifest itself in the way it is. It’s weird.

I’ve been set up with a hotel on the hospital campus, which is nice for showering and resting purposes. I’m fairly certain I won’t be sleeping though, I have enough trouble with that now despite booze or Xanax (never at the same time…which means I am super mature now).

We told the 12-year old last night and the other three (6, 4, and nearly 2) tonight. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. We were pretty real with them because our Oncologist suggested us to be. They are all terrified and are sad about us being away for up to 10 days. Sadly, due to the widespread flu, kids under the age of 15 aren’t allowed in hospital.


I was free-associating the title of this thread and remembered this clip.



Ok. I’ve mentioned before that my wife is in the medical field. I guess when you are, you have countless people looking after you. Tonight she got a call from one of her friends who is a vascular surgeon. The surgeon was consulting with one of her constitutes. They suggested that she waits for surgery. Those surgeons then consulted with a well-respected surgeon at the IU med center. They shared charts and slides. The IU surgeon said “don’t let her do surgery next week. She’ll be dead on the table because she’s so vascular.”

They got with every doctor involved. They agreed to wait. So Monday Kate starts chemo. She should feel some relief within a week and hopefully she is less vascular so we can have surgery in a week or two.


What are your thoughts on this!


I’m out of thoughts. Like you ramp yourself up for something and then it changes so quickly. I don’t fault the docs that were going to be doing the surgery. They just wanted Kate to be comfortable again and they could have probably done that. surgery has to happen sooner than later. I’m grateful she has a lot of eyes looking after her and everyone is agreeing on what needs to happen now


Waiting doesn’t seem so bad.


It doesn’t as long as she starts feeling better. She’s really hurting and the kids seeing it is affecting them


This one’s gonna bruise.