Fuck Cancer


I’m hoping this might bring a little cheer to the thread.


Fuck you, Meade. I have let your other bullshit slide. Your mom’s bitterness about having you for a son had nothing to do with her getting cancer. If anything, I’d assume that she believed her getting cancer was god showing mercy on her.

My wife isn’t generally a bitter person at all. Is she bitter that she is a mother of four and is having to fight for her life? You bet. How could you not be?





Understand this… stop spewing ignorant and insensitive comments about things you know nothing about. Since your mother had cancer there’s a chance you’ll get it too.


Want to know something that absolutely sucks about you, Meade? You are just a shitty world view away from being a BuzzFeed feel-good story success. Think returning-soldier-surprises-their-kid big. You have a pretty good voice, talented enough on the keys and spectrum-y enough to make you a viral hit. You’d be a hipster’s wet dream if your personality, racism and need for self-assurance didn’t get in the way. Plus, you’ll never be #metoo’d. It sucks that you suck at being a person.


There’s a song in there somewhere


I thought the voice sounded a bit castrato.


Thank you for the update. I wish you strength. I wish you weren’t going through this.


So? No, i guess?


Whoa, Meade’s here?


My apologies. I didn’t mean to imply your wife was bitter. I mean that often times cancer can be caused by bitterness or unforgiveness. Cancer was a blessing for my mother because it helped her get closer to God and she was able to go to heaven. She had been backslidden as a Christian for many years. She smoked too much and that is probably why. She had pancreatic cancer and she was only 52 when she died. I don’t think she ever regretted having me- even though she was almost 42 and the Doctors at the time thought I would turn out to be a potato head.


Meade, I know you aren’t a bitter person but please tell me you do self exams and check for lumps.


You’re an idiot.


Second that