Fuck Cancer


Fuck. I’m trying to pull myself together in my office. My heart is with your family, nick. Fuck.


seriously should be a nsfw disclaimer…but the thread does say fuck cancer. your story just caught my breath nick. i went and hugged my wife a little extra and kissed both my girls.

the two girls were like what the fuck!!! gross!


Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Today she might be a hair foggier than yesterday. She thought we needed to take birthday treats in for my daughter. That was last week. She’s getting frustrated, which is a good sign that she knows that she’s “off.”

I hate that she feels guilty for me having to do so much right now. I hate it. One of our friends told me that my wife told her out of the blue “Nick didn’t sign up for all of this…but I can’t imagine someone else doing what he’s doing.” That makes me sad.

She also started chemo again today. I would have liked for her to have a little longer of a break, but both she and the oncologist didn’t think that was a good idea.


Your experience took me back when my dad was getting chemo and radiation and my family had a similar experience. Truly scary stuff.
His treatment was aggressive which made us wonder if it was doing any good but he pulled through and eventually was released by his oncologist.
You guys are strong willed and will beat this!
Only positive vibes to you, your wife & family. :two_hearts:
Keep fighting the good fight!


She’s continuing to get better. She’s still a little foggy and has trouble with dates, time and texting. Her eye movement has gotten much better!

They tested her ammonia level again and it’s at 71. We are getting closer to normal slowly. The “normal” numbers don’t mean a whole lot because we don’t know what her number usually is.

We have an appointment with the oncologist on Thursday. It can’t get here fast enough.


That’s great to hear. I hope she keeps progressing.


Hugs, love, light. Difficult highs and lows. Thank you for taking the time to process and share via text. Give yourself self care when possible. Thinking of you. Hopefully the uptrend and healing continues.


Moving along one step at a time. Thanks for the update, Nick. Our thoughts are with you and your family.


Wow, been a tough week or so nick, hope this one is better for you and your family, glad you have got some good support , you are Amazing !


Oncology appointment went fine. Trying to fatten her up for surgery. She’s like Santa in the Rudolph movie. She’s swelling again, though. She’s put on 10lbs in a week.


Wow. That’s a lot of weight in a week. She must be so tough. So surgery time depending on her weight/strength?


I believe so. Hopefully we have something scheduled by Wednesday.


Fingers crossed for you all here Nick.