Fuck Cancer


i love what you said nick. sums it up perfectly. a man without a good woman isn’t much of a man at all. you’re better and stronger because of her. i hope kate and jeff meet up in heaven and get drunk off cheap wine. but maybe not. i like to think of some after life like that cause it makes me feel good and puts a smile on my face.
we love you and you can lean on us at anytime. you’re a good man and good dad and by the sound of it a great husband too. i’m so sorry buddy.


Thank you everyone. I wish I had more to say… I just can’t right now


Sorry to hear the news nick , but as you said at least her suffering is finished, Can’t imagine how you’re feeling , love to you and your beautiful children .
k xox


I caught up with this thread while listening to Jason Isbell’s Southeastern. Listening to Elephant right now with tears in my eyes.

Sorry for your loss.

Why does everyone say “sorry for your loss” like they personally made illnesses and ailments and caused the person’s death? We’re not gods… or maybe that’s the only god there is and maybe it’s only up to us collectively to make things better… from the infinite void of nothing where everything vibrated to life and became aware.

Love and light


Peace be with you and your family Nick. My Condolences.


I say sorry because m sorry that that someone is suffering
Suffering Fucking Sucks
And then there’s grief


Another definition of sorry besides using it as an apology means sad or sorrowful. It’s a way to express sympathy and empathy to someone.


Sorry… I’m an idiot


I dont think the infinite darkness was ever aware but we are. And we are of the light


We need to start a funding campaign to raise money for a college fund for all four of Nick’s kids. Then they can go to med school and become doctors and discover a sure way to kick cancer’s ass.

I’ll look into starting something on Go Fund Me. Maybe it’ll get noticed and go viral and raise millions so his kids can study at top tier universities - like Johns Hopkins and Emory.




true answer? people say “I’m sorry” because sometimes, something so terrible happens that there are literally no words that can truly convey one’s feelings, much less bring any comfort or explain why this happened.

i like that you said “Love and light.”


Thank you, but my kids are already taken care of as far as the future is concerned. That’s a very sweet idea though.


Today is the visitation. Closed casket and she will be cremated. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to get through this.


You can do it.

Even though there is nothing to guide you, your kids will be watching, and needing you. They will feel your love for her and them.

We love you, Nick. Stay strong.


You will get through it with the support and love from your family and friends. You are not alone.
It’s ok to lean on them and to take breaks from time to time. Step outside very so often and get a few deep breaths of fresh air.
I’ll be thinking of you & your family all day.


Me too. :heart:


We all will.


Same .


Hey Nick… i can’t imagine what you went through today. my heart goes out to you. i’m hoping tonight you at least finally get a little sleep if nothing else. i’m just so sorry.