Fuck Cancer


My heart is so heavy for you. Hope you know how much we all love you. Wish I could do more.


Thank you, everyone!

The visitation and funeral service was so overwhelming. The line for visitation never ended. It was insane. For the funeral itself, there were so many people there that they opened three rooms and people were still left standing in the back or sitting in the foyer. It was amazing.

We didn’t attend a church or anything like that. I still had a pastor officiate everything, though. My little ones attend a preschool that is attached to a church. He knew Kate well because Kate was always at school helping out with class parties and other events. He was great.

Then he opened the floor for people to share their memories of Kate. Each of my children spoke. Finn read a book he wrote her. Dax stood up and gave a speech. A few of her medical friends spoke to Kate’s talents in her field and her being a good mother. Then I spoke for about 5-10 minutes. I was armed only with a sheet of bullet points I wanted to hit. I am still not sure how I did it.

I was overwhelmed by how many people came to me over the two days and said they had no idea she was sick. That was my wife. She never posted a single thing on Facebook about it. She just got on with it and saved her energy for her fight. She didn’t need likes or sympathy.

I miss her so much. This house is too big and it feels empty without her force.


how brave of your kids. and you too. we often don’t know who are or what we’d do in a situation until it arises. we say we do, in jest, but when the time comes…that’s when we either fold or fight.
proud to know you nick and proud to call you friend even though we’ve never met in real life.
that service sounds fitting for your wife and a testimony to the kind of person she was.


Thanks, Balv!


What an exceptional family

You’re a strong person, that’s how.


Thank you


Just ugh. Everything sucks right now. It’s just so much.


One thing at a time. Let your family help you. We’re here if you need to vent. xoxo


Oh Nick My heart hurts for you and your family. I am sending big love to you and the kids. You are strong and brave and I am sure Katie saw that and it helped in her struggle, as did the love you had for each other.

~ Gail


I may or may not have shed a tear (or plenty)… but it sounds like your children are living tributes to your wife. this is beauty and this is love. i’m so very sorry, Nick. You and your wife deserved more.

i am again sending positive vibes your way nick.


Thanks again!

Today is our anniversary. Tomorrow is mother’s day. It’s pretty rough around here today.


Crawl along at your own pace and get through these days one at a time, Nick.


are you fucking kidding me??? (i feel like that comment deserves one more “fuck”)

holy shit, man. well i guess there’s the glass-half-fun perspective… maybe it was not a coincidence that it was your anniversary. a hospice nurse once told me that in a lot of cases she worked that were similar to this, the befallen try to hold out for certain important dates or events, and it’s uncanny. so if i was a betting man (and I am), i’d say your wife internally had a furnace that was continuing to burn, knowing that your anniversary was approaching.

that doesn’t make it any easier for you or your kids, so once again, i am just so sorry.


i also concur with Dougo… “crawl along at your own pace”


Hugs Nick. Do what feels right for you and the kids.


I don’t know. I appreciate the sentiment, but her passing was a surprise. The days before were some of her best days in weeks. She started hemorrhaging and we didn’t know it. She had no doubts that she was going to make it to surgery and succeed.

Everything about the cancer was such an anomaly. She fought so hard, but everything she experienced was just so insanely rare.


first off, cancer fucking sucks. it is a horrible, awful, dreadful disease, and no person should have to endure it. not even my own worst enemy. or even Dick Cheney. so i am supremely sorry for your loss and i can’t even imagine your pain. fuck man.


hey nick. just checking in. i know this is the worst time ever. just wanted to remind that there are a lot of people sending a lot of love your way right now.

this little intimate community is arguably the best place to unload what you’re carrying.

sending good vibes your way.




Second that Cannonball. Nick - think of you and the kids every day and send peace your way.