Gay about LA


At Amoeba Records. One of the last great big record stores in the world… right here in the entertainment capital. I’m gay about LA.


That Amoeba location is one of the best record stores ever.


I was at The Last Bookstore today in DTLA. I thought about buying a used book but changed my mind. Couldn’t decide what to get.

Got home and smoked a bowl and drank a beer. I’m gay about LA.


I saw Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit at The Orpheum last night. First time seeing him! I’m gay about LA.


Not much of a review…


I’m loving this thread.


They played most of the songs off the new album. Played a bunch of songs from his solo albums. Did a few from Southeastern, including Elephant. Amanda wasn’t there at first but she arrived about half way through the set. She had just flown in to rejoin the tour. Ended with If We Were Vampires.


Something oddly comforting about this thread.


and yet something very cringeworthy as well.


I saw The National at the Hollywood Bowl last night. It was a good show. I’m gay about LA


You know, it only took me a few days to figure out the double entendre here. Might actually be a triple entendre though? Are you also gay…about wieners?


I think it’s an excellent thread title and it’s always good to see mr gay out and about legally.


I saw Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon tonight in dtla.



i’m gay about downtown LA!!!


The Dodgers are gay about LA.

No relation?


how was it? His last few albums have been pretty bad. Doesn’t change the way I feel about the older stuff…but still.

Also, when he came to Louisville he talked about us like we were all farmers and he was in the middle of nowhere. it was weird.


…as opposed to Northern Wisconsin?


They only played songs from the last two albums. Nothing from Ghosts of the Great Highway. Seems like he’s trying hard to be an American Morrissey now.

The production was beautiful overall. Beautiful piano and strings.


Are you confusing Sun Kil Moon with Bon Iver?


Side note about Justin Turner:
My last job in NJ before I moved to KY was for a Furniture rental company. They furnished a lot of apartments in NYC for Yankees and Mets players who were only in town for half the year. I didn’t know anything about him, but I talked to him on the phone for a while when making the arrangements for his furniture rental Pick up.
He was really nice, and also pretty flirty. My brother is a die hard baseball fanatic, so when I was done talking to him I called my brother to tell him who I just got off the phone with.

Every once in a while, like if he’s in the news, or when he signed some humongous contract, my brother texts me that I should have run off with Justin Turner instead of moving here with Steve. :wink: