Gay about LA


Go to the Powerhouse. The Frolic Room. Just go out, and do it.


Do those bars specialize in transgender prostitutes? I see gross trannies walking around Hollywood all the time… but I’m looking for an attractive shemale with a feminine face, beautiful tits and a dick.

I went to a new bar in Hollywood last year called No Vacancy where the entryway is made to look like a brothel and a woman on a bed pushes a button and the bed slides away revealing a hidden entrance to a classy bar. It’s behind Tekila.

I go downtown to Clifton’s sometimes. I go to NoHo a lot - The Federal and Brickyard are good bars. There are always lots of women out, and some are likely hookers, but maybe I’m just mot asking the right questions.


How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled? Or Fertilized?


I saw Josh Ritter tonight. Good Show!


In n Out Burger bro


That’s just cruel to anyone who knows what that is.
I get the “grilled cheese” - a bun with melted cheese and it’s delicious.


Fuck u gay
If u ever do that again I’ll hunt u down and slit your throat

I want In and Out!!!


Crossroads of the World.


I miss that blue sky.


I dig this thread.


I got to see Natalie Prass live at the Moroccan Lounge on Tuesday March 20. She’s a solid singer and performer


I saw Father John Misty at the Hollywood Bowl last night. Gillian Welch opened. Good show. I had a bunch of cannabis edible so i was out of myself


Ryan Adams’s 59 Cadi is pretty sweet.

I’m gay about it


Are you stalking him at work?


I pass by pretty routinely as I work nearby


I hope it’s a locked gate. If not, I hope there’s nothing flammable within.


I saw Amanda Shires last night. She was awesome. Maria Taylor opened.


I saw Brandi Carlile last night at the Greek. Good show. Lots of people from the LGBT community present. I was among my people.


I saw Phoebe Bridgers open last night…

For The National at the Hollywood Palladium.

Good time.


Death Cab For Cutie last night at Hollywood Forever Cemetery