This is another great Rig Rundown if you like geeking out on this stuff.

This guy has worked closely with Jason Isbel and Chris Stapleton and runs a historic recording studio in Nashville…


In other news… my brother bought this Soul Food pedal for me for Christmas

Very thoughtful and a great pedal


Nice. I’ve always liked the Electro Harmonixs pedals.


I have a soul food. It does a good job. Not quite a KLON, but still a good pedal, esp. for the price.


Have you ever had a go on a Klon?!

Having watched that Rig Rundown, I’m very tempted by this one. Dave Cobb is so enthusiastic about it. This la a later version


Never played a Klon, but did a lot of listening to tests and shootouts.


Don’t really use pedals much myself, although that Rat does have it’s place.

But I have been thinking of getting a chorus or something to smooth things out a bit.

I have some old Boss pedals I think, along with a delay, distortion and a phaser but those really suck.

Any reco’s on a chorus pedal? Also kind of wish my amp had a vibrato.


This Boss Chorus is what I use and am very happy with it. This might be one of the ones you think sucks though.

I am by no means a ‘guitarist’, I play guitar a bit if you know what I mean. I focus more on song writing than getting technically better on guitar with the little time I have.

Anyway I picked this up pretty cheap in used condition on eBay. A lot of people recommend it too from what I’ve read.


Now that I see that pedal the shitty ones I have aren’t made by that company, those ones are by DOD maybe? I do have a digital reverb made by Boss though and I think it still works even though it is many years old and I don’t really have a use for it.



Looks like Ryan might be getting a signature Fender guitar.


I wonder which kind of liquid fuel he’s using to power his pedal board


I don’t think I ever could buy a sig guitar from any artist

But he should make it sound like this


My husband has used an original tube screamer for years. Just recently he’s decided not to use is and is love with his amp all over again. He’s got a Vox wah too that his parents bought at a garage sale 30 years ago. The box it came in is somewhere around here.


Can’t see myself buying this…

VCR is a clever name for it though, given what it does


$259. Fuck that. Hacks rely on pedals.


I hadn’t looked at the price. That’s a lot, but I suppose a lot of dual effect pedals are almost as expensive. Not a pedal I need though


These mini pre-amp pedals are very interesting. There are so many of these now suddenly


Goodbye Buck Owen guitar (or at least one of the two he has).

At the London instore last week he said the new president had spoilt his enjoyment of it, and he was having trouble getting it to stay in tune.


Looks like Ryan’s bought a '55 Les Paul

Bet they don’t come cheap


He’s following his hero in this choice, judging by his follow up post