Very cool.

I bet that thing barks pretty nicely with that P90.


Pretty, highlife. I like the case too.
My husband keeps switching between wanting an SG and a tele. He could probably use both. He’s also been eyeing the Princeton '62 Chris Stapleton model.
We went to Dusty Strings this weekend and got a pickup for his Martin and I found a beautiful short scale acoustic bass. Funny enough it’s a Taylor. I played a full scale Martin bass and didn’t like it as much. Go figure


The tele is Fender’s SG and vice-versa–just simple slabs with pickups. I find the SG jazzier, more ergonomic, and prefer the shorter Gibson scale. Scale length may come into play with a choice between SG and tele.

I’d keep in mind that you can have a Princeton handbuilt for the same or less than the Stapleton, allowing for covering/speaker choice and tweaks to the circuit.

Maybe the Taylor bass benefits from their trademark extra high end!


It’s really slow at work and will probably be slow all week. I asked my boss if I can bring my stuff in to play if it stays slow. He’s all, "yeah, I’ll bring in my guitar. Even if we get busy we can still carve out an hour or so to jam"
Probably my best job so far.


That sounds delightful!


So after a few months of mulling it over, I finally pulled the trigger on getting a Gibson! It’s a J45 standard, vintage sunburst. The SN indicates that it was built on Sept 25 2019, so pretty new. It sounds and looks great; I had them set it up in the store before I brought it home (slight buzz in high E and B in the store). It’s very warm on the low end, much more so than my epiphones, which is what I was looking for. Had to force myself to stop playing last night as my fingers were giving out haha. It came with these D’Addario Humidipaks. I imagine others have seen these, one inserts into the sound hole (suspended on the D and G strings) and just behind the headstock in the case. This thing goes back in the case when I’m not playing it. Considering doing the same for my Epiphone Dove.


It’s a beauty and a classic.


Very nice


Love it! you made a good choice.


I just saw that Heritage guitars, along with Harmony guitars are being offered at Sweetwater. At the factory tour at 225 Parsons Street last summer I picked up one of these and was checking it out. Nice solidly-built guitar, I thought… but a wee bit pricey.

Expanding Heritages dealer network should be a plus.


Beautiful! Congratulations.


Thanks everyone! As cliche as it is, it’s hard to put down haha. I find myself thinking things like, “oh, that’s what an Em should sound like!” In store, it sounded great (of course), but I’m really noticing the differences going through all the music I play at home – especially when I record a little melody/solo on something. A really nice blend of warmth and crispness to the notes.


I just read a quote from David Crosby that said something to the effect of “Get yourself a REALLY good guitar… that way you won’t want to ever put it down and you’ll play all the time, that’s how you get good.”


I like that quote – this seems quite reasonable to me!


I’ve never agreed with folks who try to pass off a shitty guitar to a beginner with “if you can play this, you can play anything.” Not if it’s so frustrating that you don’t even want to play.


Real nice… love that sunburst.

I just picked a Gibson g-45 I think basically stripped down j-45. It’s a dream to play.


ah cool, congrats! I was intrigued by those, but I couldn’t pull myself away from the J45. Looks like a pretty nice guitar


Those g-45’s look really nice too.

I’ve always wanted a Gibson.


Studio or Standard?


I played a G45 studio yesterday, and preferred it to the standard model, sound and feel-wise. The studio is wood, the standard has a richlite fretboard. The standard is a prettier guitar, but I thought the studio was better sounding and better priced. Gibson should have been offering lower priced acoustics as they have electrics but haven’t bothered for a long time. Cheers Gibson.