it’s surprising to me that the standard (which I’ve interpreted as being the higher-end guitar) using richlite for the fingerboard. Which wood do they use for the studio and standard on G45? I know for J45, standard is mahogany vs the studio being walnut (both with rosewood fingerboards).


The studio is spruce/walnut with a walnut fretboard, dot inlays, satin finish. The standard is the same except a richlite fretboard, diamond shape inlay, and a gloss top, satin b/s.

Richlite is not a cheap way to go, but it is stable and ‘ebony-ish’ . Refretting becomes an issue, as the frets aren’t so easily removed.

Martin has been using richlite for many years. I had a D-16GT with it, and it was nice enough. As a personal preference, I like the feel of wood and have never been an ebony fretboard enthusiast. Gimme rosewood.


I played both and I preferred the standard… just a sounder warmer to me. I think it was about a $200 price difference.

It wasn’t the look I just like how it felt.

I also have a Gibson j-150 that I love; that thing booms; it’s just big. I love the size of the g-45.


Thanks. I’ve recently treated myself to this, don’t play electric out much but like to mess around at home…




Here is my lineup.


Very nice wall that!


Loving that mint Tele.


That inlay on the fretboard is lovely.


Love the J200!


Thanks. I just put up that cedar plank and hung the guitars.

It’s a j150 just stripped down 200. It has a great tone; rosewood side and back. It is loud.


I put hooks on my wall and hung up my three electrics… or a couple of them anyway.

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Ah, didn’t realize it’s a J150; very nice. With the rosewood is that a more balanced tone than something like Mahogany (I guess)? I could imagine the volume! I’ve got an Epiphone EJ-200, and I’m pretty sure that’s my loudest guitar.


Aw man. Now I gotta go home a take a picture of our guitar wall.


Finally got myself a Gibson semi-hollow. 2002 ES333.


Very cool, HL!

Is that a transparent red?


Yeah, it is very ‘tomato’ trans red in person.


Just ordered one of these as a Christmas gift, for home playing at lower volume… Sound great to my ears.


Hellllo stimulus check


OOOoooo…nice. Is that a Chris Stapleton amp or a vintage one?