It’s the Chris Stapleton model. It’s beautiful at low volume. It’s my husband’s.


My quarantine amp purchase.


Very very nice.

That is so close to a cats on amps photo.


Oh baby. Is that seafoam green?


Surf green is what they are calling it. Surf generally has a bit more saturation that Seafoam.

But both are some of my favorite colors for amps and guitars. And cars.


It’s a beauty. I think my hb tried one out. He’s got a reverb tank that he hauls out so he went for that other Princeton. Would be nice to have reverb on board though. He’s looking at pedals.


My pic actually washes the color out a bit, so it does look seafoamy.

I would love one of the outboard reverbs, but just haven’t made it a priority to get one. Rock that Neil vibe fo sho.