Finally got my hands on a standard, really impressed with it, lovely to play.


That’s real purty.



That definitely looks like a plus top too.


It is AAAA flame (though quite subtle for that grade) 2016 Les Paul HP Standard. Picked her up second hand at a reasonable price and really impressed. Don’t even mind the robot tuners which have been quite divisive from what I have read…


I’ve seen some Gibsons with those auto tuners go for reasonable prices on the used market lately. Seems like it would be really helpful, especially if you used a lot of alternate tunings.


I’ve found it great, tunes perfectly and quickly and switching to open G for a bit of Stones is a breeze.


We got a new camera and I liked this pic.


I like that Epiphone there.


Bought that for a steal out of high school.


A sitar!


That means there’s a bong and a bag of weed in that hidden object picture.


Many bongs and jars of weed. The sitar was a gift. We’re a sort of an instrument repository for family and friends and sometimes strangers. There’s a fold up pump organ around here somewhere.


Really can’t say enough about the katana mk2. So much amp for the money.

The Scarlett 2i2 is nice and simple to use as well.


I got the same Scarlett device for Xmas to replace an aging Tascam. Sadly, haven’t used it yet. How’s yours working out?


Really liking it so far, very simple to use and sound quality good via headphone monitoring. Latency non-existent. Pro Tools first that came with it not compatible with Windows 10 2004 so got cakewalk instead. Early days, but good so far.


Isbell gets a Fender sig Tele.


Why does everything have to be “artisan aged” or whatever they call it. I’m just not into the dishonest wear thing.


That’s not a bad price though, be more over here though no doubt.


Got my banjo adjusted and set up. I’m enjoying playing it. It is a 4-string Framus that my uncle gave to me. I’ve been messing around with different tunings, which is kind of fun.

GDAE is my new favorite.


Kalamazoo is getting a new hotel “Reverb” by Hard Rock, supposedly. It is a really interesting idea and would be great for that side of town… if not the whole area. People have been talking about having a concert venue that brings in high quality musicians, along with a place to stay, eat and drink. The fact that it is connected to a Gibson guitar museum of sorts along with a way to view the Heritage guitar factory from the lobby/restaurant sounds oddly appealing. I’m skeptical, but I really hope this works out.