My new crush


They are in my town. I’ve known quite a few of their builders over the years. But the company keeps a low profile. Unmarked dumpy little building/factory, no dealers in town or near it.


That’s lovely. I like the body shape.


ah cool! I figure moving to VA (some day…) might be cool to get something local. I’ve seen really nice things about this company. Super boutique, so it’ll cost quite the penny. I have a long list of parlor guitars I’m eying. Guitar shopping is always so fun :slight_smile:


My husband got a Bigsby.


It’s somewhat stressful installing them, but I have those on most of my guitars. I like to shimmer.


This fit in pretty easily. We got a Vibramate string spoiler to make life easier. Between this and his ebow he’s pretty much over the moon.


I used a Vibramate on my Gibson SG, and it caused the paint/finish around the bridge posts (where it mounts) to crack off in a little doughnut shaped circle. Never again. Could just be the style of mount and the flat top of the guitar, who knows.

Here’s my latest joy:


I can see how that can happen. His clears everything and just sits on the pins of the Bigsby. Never realized how pretty they are.


They are Cadillackian.


Most famous LP Bigsby


I like this pic better


Pretty much where the idea came from. We were watching Way Down in a Rust Bucket and he goes “maybe I need a Bigsby” we saw how easy they are to install and boom.


Bigsby used to be here in Kalamazoo as well. It was housed in a small block building on the south end of town. I always enjoyed seeing the large Bigsby logo on the front of the building when I drove by. It has been gone for decades now, but I wish I had taken a photo or two of the building before they left.


This has been sitting in the closet for years. Pulled it out, did some fretwork, cleaned it up and gave it new strings and it’s a great sounding, great playing guitar.


Very cool, never seen anything like that.


Today in history (2017), I was using a rat file to get tuning machines into the mini strat neck I bought for my Squire Tele. They did not have the same machines in them and the mini was neck only.


Did it actually intonate properly when you mounted it?


I had to adjust the rod quite a bit over two days, but yes, it plays perfectly.


I’ve been considering putting together a parts-caster guitar.