How is it going with the LP Bigsby/Vibramate? Thinking of doing the same on one of mine.


The added weight is the thing that scared me about getting a Bigsby. My old-man back can’t take it. A lot of Les Pauls are pretty heavy guitars to begin with.

A friend of mine has an SG Custom from 1978 with a Bigsby and it is a great guitar, but it weighs a ton.


I have them on most of my guitars. They are IIRC about 12 ounces, so it does make a difference. I do think that Heritage guitars tend to run on the heavy side though. I try to buy lighter ones specifically. I’m the guy who calls and asks ‘How much does it weigh’. Nothing over 8 lbs for me.


He is madly in love with it. He’s been obsessively playing his Martin for the past year but since he got the Bigsby on the LP he’s all over that now. He’s played it live a few times. He’s trying not to overdo it. A gorgeous toy though.


I have a trem bar for my G&L Legacy… which was my rationale for buying it “I need a guitar with a whammy bar”.

I never have it on. Just have never really learned to use one.

But my wife believed me!


I play bamboo flute, but haven’t played much in years. I’d like to get back into it.

The smaller one is an Eb I believe. The big one is a bitch to play, I need practice.


Neeto! I played flute in Jr high and high school. Was pretty good. Can still kinda work my way through sheet music.


I never have been able to read music.

I’ve got quite a few flute-like noisemakers though.


I saw this interesting story about the original design of the Gibson Firebird. A automotive designer who was working in Kalamazoo for Checker Motors was asked to design a guitar and this is what he came up with. The design was inspired by 50’s era cars with fins and an aerodynamic shape.

Another article about Ray Dietrich

From wiki


In my continuing quest of choosing my next guitar (parlor or O or OO size), I’m moving more towards boutique. This one has caught my eye lately:

I’ve got a long list including Huss & Dalton, Collings, and Santa Cruz Guitar Company. For the last one, I went through the whole custom shop choices and picked things out. Some day (hopefully soon? haha!)


All of my guitars are small because I’m 4’11” but when I picked out my acoustic I decided to pick something I could let the kids beat on.

I have one of these Little Martins.

So exciting getting to pick out really nice things. I used to dream of getting a Folkcraft Druid Moon sugar maple concert ukulele, but it looks like they quit making ukes. Considering how often I catch my kids stepping on the $70 Fender uke, it’ll be years yet before I can seriously consider it.


I bought a Ubass on a whim. I think I like it. It stays in tune better than I thought it would and has a deep tone and the strings snap like an upright. The frets are small so that’s an adjustment but it’s a nice option from my regular bass for small gigs. We bought my husband a Gretsch resonator and he can’t put it down. Kind of surprised at how nice it is. We’re trying to get a fully acoustic set up together.


Nice! I have a Wechter/Sheerhorn resonator that I’ve had for about 12 years.

Is his a square neck?


Round neck. He had to have it replaced. The pickup crapped out. Sweetwater supposedly does this 55 point inspection so they were really apologetic about the fail. They sent a new one in 3 days and it was an upgrade. My husband said the neck feels better and the pickup is way hotter. We just played a 3 hour with that, our Martins and the Ubass and it all worked great. The resonator makes so many other interesting sounds.




Oh that little Martin looks nice!

I certainly understand that with kids & expensive things, not that I have any.

Aside from my (probable) obsession with acoustic guitars, my reasoning is if I’m gonna spend a lot of money on something, it’s better for it to be a guitar than say, an iPad or iPhone which ends up getting replaced on a few-year timescale. The guitar, even if $8,000, will last a lifetime, and only get better with age (and proper care).

Also – being single, this is probably the time to go all in. Unless of course I find someone who’s just as into the music & guitars as I am.


There is a local listing on craigslist for a Gibson electric tenor guitar.

Wish I had the bucks to pull the trigger on this beauty. I’ve never played tenor guitar, but I like the sound of them and I would tune it just like my tenor banjo. I think Jason Isbell should buy this for his bride, as she has bought him a few nice instruments. The case is pretty great too.


My husbando got me this vintage Jupiter student flute. My embouchure is not the better for 15 years of abject neglect, but I think I may have finally outlived the omnipresent social consciousness of American Pie, so it’s probably safe to play flute again. 🥲


I love vintage instruments.

I have an old slide trombone that was my wife’s mothers. She used to play it in the Michigan Marching Band. I think it is a Conn/Selmer from the 30’s or 40’s, and probably worth a bunch.


I went and did it. I have been saving money for a new apartment for my new job in another city but the job ended up being remote so I blew the money on this.

This is the easiest task I ever had to do.