That’s a beautiful Rick.


love it! Arguably the better way to spend the money anyhow…

Speaking of, still eyeing a Huss & Dalton – especially since I live in Virginia now:

Would be a nice weekend – go up to Staunton and buy a guitar. Hopefully someday soon


Let me know if you do! I can make recommendations if needed. Be aware that our county right now has the highest case rate in the state, not sure why. Well except for one tiny county down near KY/WV area.


Thanks – will do! And thanks for the warning about the COVID status… It’ll probably be some time before I have the money ready for it anyway. I’m still going back and forth on a Collings as well:

Would be interested to hear your suggestions!


Maudie Moore, who worked at Gibson and many more guitars has passed away. She was somewhat of a local legend for her work on engraving and inlays.


Justin Townes Earle Signature Model Guitar


I like the tortoise binding.



Missed this. He’s pretty much addicted.


Haha. Guess I didn’t…


Saw this and thought it was a COVID test for my guitar.


Those strings are definitely infected…


Yeah, just noticed that… not mine for sure.


And then the guitar is sitting on the Declaration of Independence. Weird.


Strings from the era perhaps


They also look the wrong way up…


What is it? File to get the grime off strings?


Here’s a photo of Jerry Garcia playing a guitar that is pretty much exactly like mine. This is “post-lawsuit” when they had to change their headstock. I think mine is that first year with the new headstock and script logo.

I really like that guitar a lot and would never get rid of it.

Just noticed the one in the photo has a bound neck and mine does not. It is a 1984 Takamine EF 360C.


My battered old strat.