That’s a beauty. I like the maple necks, and looks like some pretty honest wear, but some of those heavy relic jobs are pretty convincing.

What year is that?


I picked it up close to 30 years ago if I recall correctly and was a little beaten up then, replaced the neck when I got it so don’t have a clue as lost the serial number!


This reminds me of when my boyfriend was teasing me about wanting to sand the rust off my 30 year old pick-ups. “Most people want that kind of age to show…”


Dug the Studio out of storage, forgot how hot the slash pickups were.


I’ve been playing the hell out of my tiny Kala bass. I had to play my full size last week and it was a chore.
It sounds like an upright and it’s so light.

I slung it over this kid who was fascinated with it.


That looks like it is just right for him…

Looks like a uke, but sounds like an upright? That’s hard to fathom.


If that’s true I need one, sick of dealing with bassists :joy:


It’s true and that’s why I play bass.


Yeah it’s crazy. Not sure how they did it. Really deep. Fun for the Tom waits stuff. Can’t hear anything when it’s not plugged in, though. A bit of an adjustment for the tiny fretboard but it’s a legit instrument.


Beautiful. This looks custom. You’ve got nice stuff.:ok_hand:


Yeah, prior owner completely stripped it back and resprayed and I quite liked the look of it (and the price was right!)


Really want one of these, though which one is hard to know…