Dang. What up Rick Wakeman?


I bought a bass.
It’s a Gretsch short scale, and it was just $300 but doesn’t sound too bad.

Wasn’t really looking for a short scale bass, but this one played pretty nice. A Streamliner (maybe) that is kind of wine-colored.

We were thinking of returning it after this weekend, but I think i’ll just keep it.

Note: Actually it is a


Well that looks fun!


Its not as small as your junior, but it is kind of handy.


Hey friends. I’ve been picking away at cleaning up my daughters room for the past few days and I noticed that the output jack is missing on my Duo Sonic. Can you just buy another of those? Are they hard to install?

No good deed goes unpunished…


Most likely the washer outside has come off and the jack maybe slightly recessed. Should be easy enough fix. Do you have any pictures as that one the cable seems to be in the output jack…


Christ on a bike, they put beads in my guitar.


Ffs! Yeah, looks like it’s a washer/bolt needed for the outside. Most likely you’ll need to take the scratchplate off to get the jack out. It will certainly make it easier.

Something like this but you may only need to find a same size nut washer combination.

This may help as well :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Exile!


You’re most welcome Saf.

You may want to check the solder is still good on the jack part that’s inside the guitar at the moment (no reason it won’t be but would be annoying to put it all back together and find it’s not connected!)


I have extra washers and nut specifically for that if you have trouble finding I can send you.


Inky ftw!


To be fair that hole was begging for it.


:joy: Also, please remove beads from control cavity as you do this!


Treated myself after selling on a few guitars and amps.


very cool! Enjoy!


Sounds lovely, less bass and treble than a dread and therefore quite mid ranged. Almost like a cross between a standard acoustic and a resonator. Plugged in and tweaked she sounds wonderfully warm.


Very nice @exile.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Masterbilt line.