Personally I would love to buy this southern jumbo with the special ‘mystic’ finish.

Hard to justify the cost though, even with free next day delivery.


Like the Goldtop, love the Tom Waits quote.


Love gold tops. My husband almost got one but felt it was a little too flashy for him. Got a sunburst instead.


That’s interesting, I think of gold tops as being their most generic-looking guitars… anything but flashy. But that’s just me.


Actually - getting back to Mr. Adams’ new axe - that is a great investment that he can use everyday at his job. When you think of it like that, why not get a $10,000+ guitar if it is only going to go up in value if you take care of it… that is if you have the cabbage.


Agreed. A quality instrument is always a good investment.



Close on the heels of the JHS VCR pedal, Ryan has done another collaboration. This time with Electro Harmonix…


They’re bringing out a flat wound version this spring!



33k, my guess.


If it went that cheap I’d buy it. And sell it on.


I’m holding out for Tiger.


I thought Tiger looked better too. For me it’s more iconic.


Yeah, but I guess Jim Irsay - the owner of the Indianapolis Colts already bought it for $850,000.


I’m sure he’ll do you a deal. Tell him you have a few to trade as a sweetener


I just want to go to the near future where this dummy isn’t so fucking pronounced on our message board again.


Be nice to egg. We’d have 80% less content without him.


What now?


I was referring to Ryan Adams.