Needs a little more reverb.


The later version (Trio+) has a proper effects loop so you can put your pedals in the chain and dial reverb or whatever in to taste


I was joking about his mic. Sounds like he’s in a tunnel.
I guess I can see this being of value to someone who likes to hang on power chords for 8 measures.




It’s a while since I watched his video :slight_smile:

For me it’s not the sound so much as the inspiration the beats and bass that it suggests might give me to write a new song or melody. Can never see this as something I’d record or take live.


Yeah, seems like that would be fun to play with.


That made me laugh…


Want one!


Just grabbed this on clearance. 2016 SG Standard P90 T


If that’s the tag, that looks like an amazing price. Nice scoop


@exile the Fishman or the Trio+ ?


No, was 799, but new.


I’m almost relieved. That price tag made me wonder if it was plywood.


Still a very good price. And a nice guitar. Everyone one needs another guitar.


The fishman. Ever since I downsized from a d28 to a drs2 I’ve missed the sound


What they intend for this pedal is that you pick the model that matches your guitar, rather than say getting your parlor to sound more like a dreadnought. But I guess they can’t stop people using it any way they want to try.


True, I get that. My drs2 is a dread line the d28. Just not quite as warm so this might return some of that tone



Here’s screenshots of all the Martin Dreadnought models. They do other shapes too. But here you can see current options for the models you can mix with the direct signal…

I f you want to go even deeper, you can download the software here for free. You don’t need the pedal to read all the options for different instrument types, brands and shapes.



I waited and waited and eventually got one in almost new condition for US$200 on eBay.


Thanks Egg. That’s a great price, they’re about £320 here aren’t they?


That’s right. About that price from a shop new. I got mine for uk£160.50 delivered. Very lucky because there were 8 other bidders. That was last year on eBay.


I think what happened was he lazily used someone else’s photos and it looked a bit scratched up. When it arrives it was in better condition than the photos he used. I didn’t care either way, I was ready for a scratched up one, since they are not cheap new.