That’s an absolute steal, good work! Listened to some examples online, sounds really good. Would go well with the Martin drs2 through my tanglewood t6


Yes I lucked out. See EDIT above.

It just makes me relax. When I don’t recognise the mangled pickup sound through a crappy dry PA it puts me off and I get nervous and tense. This unit gives me back control. And I can tweak the eq too. It sounds recognisable so I relax and enjoy and everything goes better


Can’t put a price on feeling comfortable on stage


The fishman boxes are great, because you can just have a simple undersaddle pickup and make it sound beautiful. I had an Aura system built into a Martin I had, and it was also great. Though it only had 4 presets, you could change them.


And you know that your guitar sounds way better than anyone’s.

It really struck me… I was at a Jason Isbell show. His support had a classic Martin too, but no Fishman. Jason had a very similar Martin but sounded 3 times as good l. I went up after to see if his Fishman was on the floor, and there it was.




Wilco is in town next week, but I’m out of state.

I’m in Decatur Alabama tonight… wish I could squeeze in a side trip to Muscle Shoals.


It’s not just wilco


Seems like these guitars are more likely to end up in collector’s hands than somebody that will actually use them… but his heart is certainly in the right place.


That’s what I thought. Maybe we should email him and suggest he sells some at a discount so they get into the right hands. Mine for example.


Current bid $18k. 9 days left to bid.


Hey. We, like all of us, don’t think we’ll buy this, not for an instant. That guitar is worth some $400-900 depending condition today. But otherwise…


So…I have a wonderful Egmund guitar. What’s it worth?


Is that yours? It’s very clean


Amazing new pedal for real pedal conaisseurs. Subtle to the extreme.


Mine is a fairly clean example. It’s definitely a poor man’s Buck Owens model, but probably not worth but maybe $200.


Get Ryan to play it once, moan how it doesn’t stay in tune you’ll clear $45000 easy…


Every Harmony guitar I’ve ever seen has the neck splitting from the body. I always thought the arch tops were kind of cool, but I’ve never come across one that was actually playable.


Exactly, every time I saw Ryan play that thing he spent a lot of time moaning and tuning


i think i saw him cry a couple times too and even storm off stage